Hate Her All You Want But World Gone Crazy For Dhinchak Pooja

Hate Her All You Want But World Gone Crazy For Dhinchak Pooja

Hate Her All You Want But World Gone Crazy For Dhinchak Pooja

Hate Her All You Want But World Gone Crazy For Dhinchak Pooja

Singing is a great  talent that everyone has. Some may be bathroom singer or some may be good as stage singer. People who don’t have high-quality voice vacillate for singing in a large gathering.

While there are some who are bold enough to carry their heinous singing on the roads? Without thinking …what people will think???….. These people don’t worry what criticisms they are likely to face… they simply laugh ….take everything positive and keeps on singing….with their shitty lyrics…

You might be surmising that what I am thinking about?? Yes here I am talking about Dhinchak Pooja. She hails from Uttar Pradesh . She has made all and sundry crazy with her melodious uncouth voice. Every child knows her. She is worldwide illustrious. Her lyrics are making people crazy … people are praying to god to save them from listening this type of lyrics.

Her song “Selfie” has got 10 million views … in this song she is frequently saying , “ SELFIE MAINE LELI HAI SELFIE MAINE LELI HAI( I HAVE TAKEN SELFIE , I HAVE TAKEN SELFIE ).She has taken social media to the heights ..With people making crazy comments. People are saying, “What we should if you have taken selfie??”.

People are tagging their friends on her song …like “ who sings like Dhinchak Pooja@…. Who wants to be friend of dhinchak pooja…. Everyone wants to know her …

Her recent song Dilo ka Shooter Hai Mera Scooter( my conveyance kills the heart) oh god what would be correct English version of this song …. I have forgotten English while writing an article on her….( opss I am joking …) I think it’s a think tank that how a scooter( conveyance) can kill hearts. If one is interested can do PhD on this. I think she is great subject to be studied.

In her song she has forgotten traffic rules especially in the India’s National Capital (Delhi). She is not wearing helmet … as we know people are fan of her …so they have urged Delhi Police to take strict action against her for neglecting road rules and shouting loud( I mean singing) to disturb people.

I don’t understand why people sing this type of songs. May be just to entertain masses. If this is the reason then should keep on singing ( sorry i am joking).

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