Wild animal Giraffe kills lion with kick to the head

Wild animal Giraffe kills lion with kick to the head

Wild animals usually have crazy form of attacks during their survival in the game parks. Giraffes are kind of animals that fight for their existence through kicks that can even kill a lion. Watching their life on YouTube videos the giraffes usually live in groups such that if one is attacked the others can kick the attacking animal and kill it. The African wildlife video offers the best entertainment for wild animals by creating tourist attractions and shows the existence of the animals within their niche

By using the best video camera for wildlife one can produce amazing videos for entertainment. The wildlife videos are good for learning how the animals behave within the territories and describe various factors for their survival. The interaction of the wild animals in their different ecology helps to understand the aspects to consider when locating the areas a given animal can be found existing.

Giraffe Attacks a Lion Pride and Kicks One of Them to Death! 

The animal kingdom has a bias regarding who gets to be the victim, and who wins a fight. However, there is a twist in this wild animal attack video that will utterly surprise you. It is a great discovery. Tourists filmed the video in a national reserve in Africa.The video features a pride of lions and just one giraffe. Rather than the giraffe fearing the lion pride, the giraffe goes ahead to attack it. The giraffe, jumping with his hind legs, lands both its front limbs on the dying lion. The lion lies there helpless.

In normal occasions, when a lion attacks a giraffe, it targets the weakest spot. The weak point of almost all wildlife is the neck. When a lion lands on the neck, the giraffe will have no way to counter the attack. Also, the neck is weak and thus the giraffe will have to give in and fall. At this point, the lion uses its canines and the claws to tear the neck. With the arteries on the neck torn, the giraffe will bleed to death, and the lion will simply have to relax and wait for time to eat. In fact, you always notice this weakness when you look at an image of a giraffe.But the opposite happens in this YouTube video. Perhaps it is because the giraffe attacked a group of lions that it got the opportunity of kicking one of them to death.

The fact that the lion died with just one blow also reveals how powerful the giraffe kick is. You should also watch the video and observe the other wild animals psyching up against lions. In particular, buffaloes got an opportunity to chase away a cowering lion. The lion had to disappear into a thicket thus avoiding an attempt on its life. Watching animals attack animals is a great experience. It simulates the same experience the tourists who took the video had as they watched the animals fight.


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