Why should you meditate and how to?

Why should you meditate and how to?

Meditation is the practice in which Person controls the mind and incites a mode of self-consciousness. The term meditation is derived from the Latin word ‘Meditatio’, that means ‘To Think’. Meditation is an art that improves mental discipline and gives higher level of concentration. Meditation is essential for everyone, especially for the children. Schooling is the time when children can achieve higher level of knowledge of different fields with proper concentration.

Meditation refers to the practices that include some different techniques. These specific techniques are developed to promote the feeling of relaxation. Proper meditation will strengthen your internal energy. It will renovate your idea of living. Meditation develops the feeling of love, peace and sympathy. Meditation can be implemented to clear the mind and solve several health issues such as high blood pressure, heart problems, rising cholesterol problems and many more. Meditation greatly works on the victim of depression and anxiety.

To bring a better lifestyle to all the readers, Epagloo is presenting helpful guide on mediation. Follow these methods properly and boost up your internal energy.

Here are some easy steps for proper meditation that will provide you effective results.

Choose a peaceful environment:

Meditation should be practiced at calm and peaceful place. Performing meditation in peaceful area will always give you better results. For all those people who are new to meditation, it is most essential to avoid any kind of external distractions. You must avoid using cell phone, computer, Television, radio and all the things that may distract you. It does not mean that you need to go to the mountains. A lot of people meditate at their home. All you need to do is find a suitable, peaceful place and start practicing. Peaceful areas will help you focus on your meditation goal.

A lot of people connect themselves with nature. Performing Meditation while sitting under the tree in the lush green area helps people who are suffering from diseases.

Duration of meditation:

You must always decide before you start, about how long you are going to meditate. Seasoned mediators say that one should perform meditation for 10-15 minutes. If you are a beginner, you should meditate at least twice a day. Meditation needs time to prove its result. Once you plan your schedule for meditation. You should keep tracking the time you spent on a regular basis. You may also set a gentle reminder to alert you, but if it distracts you, do not use the alarm.

Warm up:

Meditation is also an exercise. But unlike gym, here you need to do just opposite of that. If you are practicing meditation, remember that you are looking for peace of mind and body. So, before you begin to meditate, sit and relax for few minutes. Relaxation will eliminate the tension and tightness from your body. If you are sitting in front of computer, then you should stretch your neck and shoulders. This will definitely ease your body pain. If you are meditating in lotus position then you should stretch your palms and legs. Some Light stretching techniques will make your body free from stress. Stretch up is a great process to bring your mind and body to the right level and it always makes you ready for meditation.

Close the eyes:

While performing meditation, you must always keep your eyes closed. This will reduce the chances of external distraction. It may be difficult for the beginners. However, with regular practice you will be comfortable with closed eyes. Once you complete the meditation, open your eyes and cover it with your soft hands. This is important for the relaxation of eyes.

Steps to follow:

Following are the steps to practice meditation:

  • Start following your breaths (the basic and universal technique of meditation).
  • Develop a small point image in your mind and concentrate on it.
  • If you are a beginner, then do not worry if you are unable to focus. Proper meditation needs a long practice.
  • Try to chant mantra. If you know any mantra, keep chanting it. Mantras help you develop the perfect environment for meditation.
  • You must concentrate on simple visual objects. This will help you to reach the level of higher consciousness.
  • Visualization practice is the most important step of meditation. Try to visualize the things.
  • Perform body scan. Body scan means to focus on each of your body part and start relaxing each of them consciously.

Reading good literature, following a healthier diet plan will also help you in meditation. Meditation will strengthen your heart and mind. You will get achieve level of relaxation. It will let your heart communicate with your soul. Therefore, you should perform meditation regularly.

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