How To Become WhatsApp Beta Tester – Access Latest WhatsApp Features Before Your Friends

How To Become WhatsApp Beta Tester – Access Latest WhatsApp Features Before Your Friends

Whether you are bored with your current version of WhatsApp or wanna create an impression among your friends, becoming a WhatsApp Beta tester may be what exactly you are looking for.

It’s something which lets you access latest WhatsApp features before anyone else and allows you to brag to your friends how you are specially chosen by WhatsApp developers to try the new and upcoming updates.

Although in reality, becoming a beta tester is not very hard and neither does it require any special skills. It’s something I recently found and today I am going to explain the step by step process to become a WhatsApp beta tester.

What is WhatsApp beta ?

In simple words, WhatsApp beta is the updated version of your regular WhatsApp which is given to some selected people before it’s rolled out for everyone. Whenever the developers add a new feature on the app or make any other improvements, they need to test it in real conditions and see how it works.

Although if they roll out the feature of everyone and then find a bug, it can affect millions of people who may have installed the latest version of the app. So instead of rolling it out for everyone, they first allow a limited number of people to use and test those updates in real conditions. These people are called WhatsApp beta Testers.

This way the developers get to check the updates in real conditions and fix any bugs they may have missed before. What’s beneficial for you is that by becoming a beta tester, you can access all the latest features weeks before anyone else gets to use them and then brag about them.

For example, I was given the much-talked video calls update of WhatsApp many weeks prior to when it was finally accessible to all WhatsApp users which was pretty fun to have.

However, keep in mind that the beta version of WhatsApp is unstable, and while I haven’t faced any problems with it so far you may on rare occasions encounter a bug in the app. Though if you face any problem, you get the option to let developers know about it via their feedback option and such errors are usually fixed very soon.

How to become a WhatsApp beta tester ?

The big question now is how you can become a WhatsApp beta tester and download the beta version of WhatsApp. It’s not like you can just go to WhatsApp’ site and then fill a form to become a beta tester.

Instead, you need to tell WhatsApp that you are worthy enough to fulfil this responsibility of being a beta tester (pun intended) and then only you can enrol for WhatsApp beta testing.

Although the process of doing so is not as hard as it sounds. All you need is an android phone which is supported by WhatsApp and then follows the process below to sign up for WhatsApp beta.

  • As I said you cannot just go to WhatsApp’ site and sign up, but you still need to tell WhatsApp that you are eligible for becoming a beta tester. What I found is that you can do so by enabling the hidden developer’s options in your setting. For this first unlock your Android Phone and then open settings.
  • Go to the very bottom of the Settings menu, find the About Device option and click on it. If you are using an older version where settings are classified under different tabs, open the More tab and then scroll down to the bottom and you should find the About Device option there.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page and find the Build Number option. If you don’t find at the bottom, check inside the Software Information heading.
  • Once you have found the Build Number option, click on it 7 times. The option will be greyed out so clicking on it won’t do anything for the first 3-4 times. After that the phone will show messages that you are about to unlock Developers Options and then on the 7th click, you’ll see a message saying You Are now A Developer or something similar.

  • Now in the main Settings menu, you’ll see a new option named Developers Options. These newly opened settings are meant to be used while developing apps. So I don’t suggest you to play with them unless you know what you are doing as it may affect the performance of your phone. Although if wouldn’t create any problem if you don’t use any of those settings.
  • Now you need to restart your phone. Once you have done so, open the Play Store and then open the page of WhatsApp by searching for it or through My Apps option.
  • Once you have opened the WhatsApp page, scroll down till you find the option to sign up for WhatsApp Beta program. Once you find it click on it and then the process of beta sing up will start. Normally it takes a minute or two but it can take several minutes to set up your Beta account.

Once the process is completed you’ll see a message at the top of the page telling you that you are a Beta Tester for the app. After this, the process of signing up for WhatsApp Beta programme is completed and you can now download WhatsApp beta.

For downloading the WhatsApp beta all you need to do is update the WhatsApp and you’ll find any new feature that may be available for Beta testers by opening WhatsApp. Remember that even after you sign up for beta WhatsApp, you need to update your app manually. So it’d be a good idea to put it on auto update if you don’t wanna miss any new feature.

Wrap up

This was our guide on how to sign up for WhatsApp Beta programme. I have personally tested it several times on various android devices and it works without any hassle. If for some reason you want to opt out from WhatsApp Beta Testing programme just go to WhatsApp page on Play Store again, scroll down and you’ll find the option to leave WhatsApp beta testing programme there.

Do let us know your thoughts on this guide and what you like to read next from us in the comments section below


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