Watch Now Funny Airplane Landing on a Highway

Watch Now Funny Airplane Landing on a Highway

The i-405 downtown is shut down completely to all vehicles by the police to allow for an investigation. An airplane appears on site. The air traffic directs the plane to make an emergency land in the Airport; however, the pilot responds that it is impossible maintaining altitude and it starts an emergency descent. Remember the I-405 downtown is clear.

In the long run, a man driving car down the miraculously deserted highway I-405 unaware it is closed down due to a police investigation. Soon the airplane appears on-screen making an impromptu landing on I-405. As it touch the ground the noseof the plane gear break down, and fuselage drops on top of the car’s roof. It pushes the car to a higher speed till both vehicles stop. While decelerating, both the plane plus the car narrowly miss an old woman driving leisurely in her car. Even though she isn’t concerned and extends her mid-finger as she drove past. This is bought to an end as police cars surround the area.


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