Watch The Deadly Battle Between A Squirrel And Snake, Never Underestimate The Small Guy

Watch The Deadly Battle Between A Squirrel And Snake, Never Underestimate The Small Guy

Sometimes the world of nature can teach us lessons. I watched some footage of a deadly battle between a squirrel and snake. It gives us a good lesson that you have to be tough to survive and never underestimate the small animal.

These are animals you should not mess up with. We all know that a snake is a deadly predator .From the footage, the squirrel appears from the bush and starts to attack the snake. From the appearance, it looks like any other squirrel fighting for it’s life.

It must have reached a point where escape is not possible and it feared for it’s safety. This looks like a preemptive attack rather than self defense.

It starts to bite the side of the snake. At this point it turned out to be a battle when the small animal and large snake confronts each other.

The snake strike several times but the squirrel is fast and it would just move in time. In addition, it was fast enough to dodge many strikes as possible.

I didn’t know squirrels where that fast. However, there snake struck the squirrel several times but the rodent could not hold back. The squirrel must have had some immunity to the venom used by the predator or the snake must have been non-venomous.

However, without any warning the squirrel launches itself to the snakes head. It flew in the air and hit the snake.

The snake looked defenseless and could not fight back. From the footage, we can see the rodent trying to bite the snake but is unable due to the tough skin.

After the squirrel stops the snake escapes immediately. The snake must have been shocked and stunned by this sudden aggressive movement.

I believe squirrels are not to be messed up with. In fact, it was not overwhelmed mentally just because the opponent was larger. [mashvideo]

Source: New Go News

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