Wooden toys: unique educational gifts you can give your children

Wooden toys: unique educational gifts you can give your children

Parents often complain about the money spent on toys for children. These days, toys are nothing more than cheap plastic that is not durable. When it comes to quality, there are many toys that are dangerous for children’s health. Fortunately, handmade wooden toys are still there to keep the children free from cheap quality toys and dangerous chemicals. Handcrafted wooden toys are a special gift for any child. Because they are made by hands, and not any of these toys are completely same. In addition, the wooden toys look different from the toys available in retail stores these days. For example, a wooden cart does not bear any similarity to factory made plastic cart. Wooden toys stand out from other toys and children love to play with them and they also learn different things during their activities.

While playing with wooden toys, pretending and using the power of imagination inspires the child and helps in brain development. The toy does not automatically perform action, so children are required to imagine more. The limitations of a wooden toy are set by a child’s imagination power, rather than the instruction booklet provided by the manufacturer. Children usually engage in playing with wooden toys for hours.

Wooden toys are far better than harmful plastic toys for a number of reasons listed here:


Wooden toys are very close to nature as compared to plastic toys. Wooden toys will bear all kinds of rough play and they are less likely to break. Wooden toys last longer than any other toys available in the market. The cost of wooden toys is not high because they are durable.


A handcrafted wooden toy will last for years and you can handover it to another child. It means that, in the long run, these toys are a perfect alternative to endlessly replacing broken toys made of plastic and other material. Wooden toys gather family stories and create beautiful memories. When your child has outgrown their toys, it will be the wooden toys you can keep to give to your children for their child. It is an amazing feeling when you see your grandchild holding that wooden toy you preserved.


Most of the wooden toys are handcrafted and therefore represent a high level of outstanding craftsmanship. If you see plastic toys, they generally do not depict any creativity done with hands. You will always find the level of creativity, inspiration and quality contained in a handcrafted wooden toy but you will never find such qualities in a mass produced piece of plastic.


Wooden toys have a warmth and touch of natural beauty that provides children with a unique experience. The toys have living energy that children can respond to.


Plastic toys tend to break and unnecessarily acquire the place rather than being given to following generations. Handcrafted wooden toys are also generally made from sustainable sources of wood and are eco-friendly.

Wooden toys construct amazing thinking and problem solving skills in children. A plastic toy can entertain your child but you can not
Benefits to the child:


It means wooden toys involve your child.  While playing with wooden toys, your child must physically interact with toy; there is no push button or key to let the toy do its things. Your child starts learning with these toys. Children must manually turn, push or pull, connect parts of the wooden toys. All these activities lead to a more active mind.

Children learn more: 

Toys in which the child presses a button and toy responds back are not closer to the wooden toys in functionality. While playing with wooden toys, children will have to involve actively. Learning to control things and actually having to think to interact with toys will teach them far more valuable things at that beautiful stage in their life. Everything should be learnt in the real world with parents explaining them and showing them how to change those things. There is no need to say this, but the only place a child should be playing with their family. Wooden toys can be a perfect gift for your child. You can get these toys easily from anywhere to bring happiness to your child’s life.
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