Top 5 Largest Cruise Ships By Class In 2016, Wonders Of Mechanical World

Top 5 Largest Cruise Ships By Class In 2016, Wonders Of Mechanical World

Top 5 Largest Cruise Ships By Class In 2016

Top 5 Largest Cruise Ships By Class In 2016

A study of the populations that walk on this planet will bring to light the fact that a metamorphosis of tremendous proportion has taken place in the recent decades. The number of affluent people has been on the increase.

These affluent people are willing to travel the extra distance for enjoying their life though it is unconscionable to assume that others will hesitate to spend their money towards such pleasures. In short, there is democratization everywhere.

This means everyone including the rich and the not-so-rich want to enjoy life to the fullest. One of the best ways to do so is to go on cruise ship trips. Let us now look at the top 5 largest cruise ships in 2016.

1. Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas is a world on its own, it being the largest cruise ship of the world. It is full of features and so, people of all ages can have maximum enjoyment on it.

The cruise comes with what is known as the “three water slides.” Other features on the ship are rock-climbing walls, surf simulators, ice-skating rinks, and so on.

Most importantly, the Ultimate Abyss, that is a 10-story dry slide will impress everyone because passengers will have a chance to undertake a ride through the twists and the turns accompanied by loud noises, flashing lights, etc.

The ship has an outdoor space park, an amusement park, a promenade for the shopping buffs as well as for those who like to drink, dine and dance. It also has an Entertainment Place, a Youth Place, a Sea Spa and a Fitness Center, and a Pool and Sports Zone.

The size of the cruise itself may be mind-blowing. Further, the restaurants on the ship will cater to the taste of every passenger. With a number of impeccable activities for children, the cruise can be heaven for every family that decides to spend their vacation on it.

2. Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas is also one of the biggest cruise ships of the world. It is capable of accommodating 5,492 passengers. The cruise has seven unique spaces.

The inward-facing cabins on its balcony, its excellent kids programs, ice rinks, and its bar, etc. are its great features. The cruise has an outdoor high-diving AquaTheater also.

Despite its vastness, it does not overwhelm passengers because the public spaces have been divided into seven neighborhoods.

The Entertainment Place, the Royal Promenade, the Boardwalk neighborhood and its family-friendly restaurants will enthrall everyone. Especially, first-timers will find the experience of traveling by the ship amazing.

3. Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas, that was launched during the year 2009, is one of the biggest cruise ships that can be considered in 2016. Experts opine that the cruise resembles a condo building.

There are a number of shops on the cruise and so, you can enjoy your shopping by visiting shops such as Starbucks, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade. The Royal Promenade looks like a mall that is frequented by enthusiastic shoppers.

The key ingredient that makes the cruise unique is its neighborhoods which means the cruise has been divided into into manageable spaces.

You have a surf simulator, a basketball court, a mini-golf course, and a table-tennis area on the ship. Teens will also have their dose of fun because there are teen clubs on the cruise. Especially, those who want to enjoy their vacation on this cruise will find the experience amazing.

4. Quantum of the Seas

Quantum of the Seas comes with highly innovative features and hence, no one can say that they do not have a great time on it.

The gondola on it has been inspired by London Eye and passengers will have a chance to sail 300 feet above the sea level using the mechanical arm of the gondola.

Those who are fond of skydiving, who are interested in flying on a trapeze and fitness freaks who may like to go for a jog can indulge in these activities, thanks to the facilities provided on the cruise. The ship has an entertainment venue called Two70 that has all the technologically advanced features.

Food buffs who are eager to explore new recipes will find the small restaurants perfect places for their quest for such items. In short, the cruise can justifiably called a “Smart Ship,” thanks to its hi-tech features. Most importantly, service on board the cruise is exceptionally good.

So, those who spend their time on the ship will certainly cherish nostalgic memories of their experiences for a long, long time.

5. Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas also comes with a number of innovative features such as RipCord by iFly that is a skydiving simulator, a glass capsule called the North Star, that is jewel shaped and that goes up by 300 feet above the sea level so passengers can have a 360-degree view of the sea and its surroundings, and an indoor sports arena and entertainment complex called the SeaPlex.

The cruise also features family staterooms that are interconnected so large groups will find it very much suitable. Of course, there are studio staterooms as well that suit solo travelers.

Passengers can have a great time during evenings and night times with live performances by singers, dancers and aerialists.

Two70 is the venue where such performances are held and the venue has been designed in such a manner that passengers can perceive a complete synergy between technology and these performances.

In a nutshell, the cruise has raised the bar by infusing hi-tech features into the facilities offered in it. [mashvideo]

Source: Wonders of World

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