Top 10 Happiest Nations In The World

Top 10 Happiest Nations In The World

Europe may not be the best in the world’s current economic structure but they basically have it when it comes to happiness. This doesn’t come from a personal view; it is from a survey by World Happiness Report in courtesy of UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Let’s get started with the top 10 happiest nations in the world.

Top 10 Happiest Nations In The World

1. Denmark

Any tourist can have a reason to smile with amazing Copenhagen topographies. The same has been extended to local inhabitants; 90% have given positive feedback of a satisfying lifestyle. Talking of delicious Danish, the country has it all for 10 satisfaction score.


2. Canada

It is not easy to secure the second position. Maybe they have succeeded in that due to the best house quality, 3rd in education and health while not forgetting personal safety. Their satisfaction score is 9.6.


3. Norway

What may be the reason behind Norway citizens’ happiness? Is it the stable economy? – 75% of citizens aged between 15 and 64 have fixed salary jobs. What of its good health? Basically, it is all clear why it is in the third position. Kudos! Norway with the 9.3 satisfaction score.


4. Switzerland

Being the top in health, 3 year life expectancy increase beyond the normal rate is not a small achievement. Supplementing it with skiing, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be among the happiest nations. Their satisfaction score is 9.0.


5. Sweden

Stable civic cohesion (high voting numbers) as well as convenient environment facilitates a tie with Switzerland. They also have 9.0 satisfaction score.


6. Netherlands

Despite their high cases of air pollution, plenty jobs are available heightening their general lifestyle. 90% of its dwellers have confirmed a satisfactory living with 9.0 score value.


7. Australia

Australia is ranked number one in good governance and number two in health and housing quality. Its citizens have enough reasons to be happy. 9.0 satisfaction isn’t bad.


8. Israel

High household incomes and above average life expectancy overpowers Israel’s untrusted Government structure. With this, citizens have showed their gladness with an 8.7 satisfaction score.


9. Finland

Finns seem to have no great hustle at sustaining their lives. With their reliable social work division and best schools, they have pushed their state to the top happy levels. They also meet an 8.7 satisfaction score.


10. Ireland

Ireland finalizes our list with an 8.3 satisfaction score. Though they have unemployment difficulties, their strong social ties pulls together their joy.


A nation’s happiness is determined by its citizens’ welfare. The ones who will have better services will have reasons to smile. The above list has basically featured this type of countries; the best happiest in the world.

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