Top 10 Deadly Natural Disasters Caught on Video camera must watch

Top 10 Deadly Natural Disasters Caught on Video camera must watch

There are ten deadly natural disasters as sited from the video. The disasters are well described below in this articles based on the you tube about 10 deadly natural disasters.

Tsunami Wave Japan:It occurred in 2011 following a magnitude 9 earthquake tremble north Eastern Japan, releasing a violent tsunami. The tsunami`s waves reached up to 128 feet and travelled up to six miles inland. The tsunami resulted to about 16,000 deaths and about 300 billion dollars being damaged.

Fire Tornado:They occur when hot, dry air ascends expeditiously out of the ground, which results to chimneys at higher altitudes before thinning out, chilling and evaporating. They can also result to a massive damage.

Volcanic Eruption Papua New Guinea:These are explosions which can alter land and water around the volcano which can result to liquid droplets of sulphuric acid which can alter the earth`s climate temporarily. The ash resulting from the eruption also damages the air to the surroundings.

Hurricane Hatrina:It occurred in 2005 within American borders touching down New Orleons.It is the third and largest magnificent hurricane recorded on earth. It affected 15 million people resulting to 1,836 massacred.

Meteor Attack Russia:It occurred on February 15, 2013 in Chelyabinsk, Russia.The meteor had 10 tonnes.The meteor produced a bright flash once it hit. It resulted to 1,200 injuries and millions damages. There were no deaths reported from the incidence.

Typhoon Haiyan Philippines:It was one of the strongest cyclones in history which occurred on November 2013.The typhoon reached a speed up to 195 miles per hour which resulted in 6,300 deaths.

Volcanic Eruption Mount Ontake:It was a fatal volcanic eruption which occurred in 2014 resulting in people being buried in ash.

Haiti Earthquake:The earthquake occurred in 2010 resulting to 160,000 people being affected although they received reliefs from across the world. The people received funds and supplies from volunteers and also medical support.

Tsunami Indian Ocean:Occurred in the year 2004 in Boxing Day where many families were enjoying their holidays.

Earthquake Nepal:It was a deadly earthquake but was hard to anticipate the destruction caused.


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