This Ship Launch Fail is Costing Somebody MILLION

This Ship Launch Fail is Costing Somebody MILLION

You’d think it would be hard for a ship launch to fail. I mean, they’re DESIGNED to float, right? I mean how hard could it be? The truth is there are a ton of steps involved in a boat launch and only a few of them need to go wrong for it to REALLY hit the fan.
Without a doubt, these fails cost some poor soul MILLIONS of dollars, especially ship fail number 1. Which capsized due to a crucial design error. There are a ton of other ways these things can go wrong though and we’ll be checking them out in this article.

Measure 10 times to Cut Once

When it comes to ship fails, design flaws are usually the number 1 culprit. A recent study is suggesting that even the Titanic had some major design flaws before it set sail on its maiden voyage. Take a look at this cargo ship for example. At first glance everything seems all well and good, however as the ship builds momentum, it’s flawed design takes over and it capsizes to the right. (Somebody’s definitely losing some vacation time…)
It seems like the tanker’s tower was poorly balanced, and since it was so tall the tower itself acted like a lever that pulled the ship to one side- rather quickly at that!

Ship Shape for Stormy Weather… Or Not
The crew is going about their Saturday morning as per usual. Loading up a small tug boat, possibly for repairs of some kind. The maneuver is pretty routine and oil rigs are used to this sort of thing all the time.The only problem though… there’s a pretty big storm going on. Yeah- probably not the best time to be lifting a tug boat… with a crane…

If you look at the waves in the background, you can see them moving very quickly, which means wind speeds are definitely high. And don’t be fooled, though they might seem short, remember the camera is filming from the deck of the rig, which puts it about 50ft above the surface of the water.

Don’t Stand Too Close

This last clip shows just how dangerous these big ship launches can be. The person filming is standing about 30 ft. away from this bad girl as she slides into the water. You’d think that it was a pretty safe spot, however, as the launch platform hits the water, it is UTTERLY destroyed by the weight of this massive vessel.

Debris and shrapnel are sent flying and the poor woman recording doesn’t have time to react. She can merely stand still and hope that one of the sharp pieces of wood doesn’t cut her… or worse.  If you want to see more ship fails in 2017, whether it be Big tankers in Stormy weather or a full-on fail compilation, check out our site here: INSERT HYPERLINK HERE .We’re constantly updating our content with the best ship fails (and others) in 2017.

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