Watch Best Girlfriend- The short film about nature of urban relationship

Watch Best Girlfriend- The short film about nature of urban relationship

There are so many reasons for a relationship to end up in a disaster. For some, it may be lack of sexual pleasure, while for others; it could be the lack of trust and loyalty. Well, whatever the reason it may be, the fate of the relationship lies completely upon the understanding between the couple. If their understanding is good, their relationship could go a long way. And it is on a wrong side, nothing could be much worse as it hardly lasts for days.

One such concept is shown in the short film Best Girlfriend’ written and directed by Navjot Gulati. Based on the true story, the film shows the nature and fragility of modern relationships. The movie starts with the guy waking up on a Sunday morning asking her girlfriend to make something for him for breakfast. While she prepared her Sunday special after kissing his forehead, he told her about an actress being an escort girl, which surprises her. He gave her the reason behind it was the lack of sex.

Later, her girlfriend was about to leave for Bangalore to meet her father, the guy was video calling his mother when she told her that Sona (his girlfriend) is the best girlfriend he ever had and never let her go. After she left for Bangalore, his friend, a struggling actor, came to his house to enjoy a nice food and the service of an escort girl, which the guy refuses at first but later accepts. While the escort manager sent some pictures of the girls to his friend’s phone, his mind gets blown after seeing the picture of his girlfriend along with the others.

Later, when she returns after spending the night with some guys as an escort, she finds his boyfriend drinking and told him that her father has sent you his well wishes. Then finally the guy looks at her with searching eyes and says what her mother told her the other day. That she is the best girlfriend, he ever had.


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