The Most Expensive Car Event in the World

The Most Expensive Car Event in the World

With crazy exhaust sounds that set the mood of the moment, car events only get better!Though their a lot of car events and shows going on in different parts of the world, some are more high profile than the others. Talking about the most expensive car event in world, where you find the most expensive,exclusive and high performing cars in the world parked side by side.

High profile car events like this attract a massive amount of car lovers around the world, checking out cars that will take some of them a life time to afford. Some of these cars in these current events are so expensive that you wonder who actually buys them, but that’s a read for another day.

Known as the mother of all car events worldwide, the most expensive car event in the world takes place in Dubai, with cars worth millions of dollars. Most of these current car events have awesome cars for show, but the one in Dubai featured the top 10 most expensive car brands in the world. Talk about Bugatti, Aston Martin, lamgborghini, Porsche Lykan Hypersport, Ferrari , Koenigsegg, Pagani and MclarenP1.The presence of these cars,especially those with amazing modifications made the current car event worthwhile.

Two cars that got major attention were the P1 and Aston Martin vogue. With its exotic features, the P1 got cameras rolling. The exclusive Aston Martin vogue was a major highlight because it’s not common and some people have not seen it live before. In general , it was a mind blowing car event. The peak of the event was when the cars were ready to go on the road, the speed and smoothness was unparalleled,one would have said the cars were floating on the road.

Beauty at its peak is what you’ll get at the car event. Its a paradise for those who appreciate beauty in automobiles.Should we begin with the impeccable styling of the ridiculously expensive cars park at the event? Or the detailed interior that looks like something from a science fiction movie? Or the invigorating sounds of the clean engines produced by the exhaust, assures you this is no ordinary car, its totally more than just car.

With all the cars looking like something from the future, their prices indeed match their beauty. Driving in any of those expensive cars is enough to make anyone fulfilled in life.It’s no surprise it’s the most expensive car event in the world. Attending the event is an experience car lovers need to have, it opens a whole new perspective to you when getting car.[mashvideo]

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