The Largest Dam in The World it is a milestone in engineering

The Largest Dam in The World it is a milestone in engineering

For a country such as China, providing adequate electrical energy for its huge population has always presented a challenge. With this in mind, The Three Gorges Dam project was started. The dam is located across the Yangtze River in China’s Hubei province. Now, you may be wondering what exactly makes The Three Gorges Dam unique. Well, for starters, the dam is the largest hydro power project in the world..

So what exactly are the features of this milestone in engineering and how does this dam system work? The dam features 34 generators. Among these, there are 32 main generators and 2 smaller generators. Each main generator can produce 700MW while each small generator can produce 50MW. The dam produces 22500 MW. It is 2 kilometers long and 50 stories high. To produce electricity, the water of the mighty river is channeled towards the generators where it spins the turbines. The turbines are fitted with massive magnets that move past copper coils to generate electricity.

The objectives of the construction of the dam included control of floods, generation of power and navigation of huge vessels. The downside of the construction of this dam is that approximately 1.4 million people were displaced. On the brighter side, however, the China population now has access to large amounts of clean and cheap energy. I’d suggest you check the dam out to appreciate the amount of work that went into its construction as well as its significance to the Chinese economy.[mashvideo]

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