The 10 Most Poisonous And Dangerous Snakes In The World

The 10 Most Poisonous And Dangerous Snakes In The World

At the mention of the word ‘snake’, nearly everyone around scampers for safety, thanks to their venomous potency and their long-running enmity with mankind. This article will look at the top ten most poisonous snakes in the world, factoring in both venom capabilities and aggression.

#10 The Saw Scaled Viper
Usually found in the Far and the Middle East and generally nocturnal, the danger with this snake is its slow-acting venom, which may make its victims be slow in seeking medical attention.
#9 The Philippine Cobra
With a highly venomous saliva and a spitting range of up to 3 meters, an encounter with the Philippine cobra can be your worst nightmare.
#8 The Tiger Snake
Although easily recognizable due to its width and yellow bands, this Australian native has a hidden card – accuracy in biting which makes nearly all encounters with it end in injuries.
#7 The Black Mamba
Deriving its name from the Swahili word for rock, this common habitat of African grasslands can achieve a speed of 20km/hr, not to mention it bites severally, each time injecting into its victim its highly poisonous venom.
#6 The Blue Krait
Although ranked among the least aggressive snakes, its venom is 16 times more poisonous than that of a cobra, making an encounter with it a dreadful thought.
#5 The Eastern Brown Snake
Having a high affinity for populated areas, the Eastern Brown Snake should be a major cause for concern. It is less aggressive and will not often bite but if it perceives you pose threat to it, then it will surely chase you out of its territory. Do not forget that it bites too, and severally.
$4 The Inland Taipan
The Indian Taipan is very difficult to spot, but should be avoided like the plague, as its venom can kill up to 100 people.
#3 Death Adder
Commonly found in Australia and New Guinea, a bite from this snake can result in paralysis, respiratory infections and if not attended to within 6 hours, death.
#2 The Rattle snake
The Rattlesnake is easy to notice due to the presence of a rattle at the end of its tail which makes a distinctive noise. If unattended to, a bite from the rattlesnake can result in organ damage and paralysis.
#1 Belcher’s Sea Snake
Topping the list is the Belcher’s Snake
This stripped sea snake is one of the least aggressive, but arguably the most poisonous, for few milliliters of its venom can kill hundreds of people.

So now you know. Anytime you meet with a snake, remember it exceeds mankind both in terms of speed, precision, aggression and toxicity of its venom, so you may just want to keep off.


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