Swimming With A Crocodile: A Crazy Relationship Sustained by Kindness

Swimming With A Crocodile: A Crazy Relationship Sustained by Kindness

Swimming With A Crocodile A Crazy Relationship Sustained by Kindness

Swimming With A Crocodile A Crazy Relationship Sustained by Kindness

Is it really possible for a crocodile to be bonded with human? Is it really possible for a man to be closed to a crocodile without a sense of fear?

Crocodiles are one of the most feared animals in the world. It is a reptile, a carnivorous animal that eat meat as a food to survive.

And if you are a person who once experienced being attacked by this kind of creature, you may find it odd and crazy if there would ever be man that is closed to a crocodile and treat each other more than friends.

Hearing about this, or even thinking about it, may seem impossible. But to tell you the truth, there is actually a man who was able to develop a special relationship with a crocodile.

This story is about Chito and Pocho and is based on the documentary hosted by Roger Herricks.

Chito, the man, started caring his crocodile when he found the animal almost dead because of a gunshot wound in the head.

It is said that the crocodile was shot by a farmer for attacking his livestock. Chito take cared the small crocodile and after three years of nurturing him, the crocodile was able to be back healthy. But the journey of Chito with the crocodile did not end there. It was actually just the beginning.

The crocodile was named Pocho which means big, strong, and handsome guy. When Pocho the crocodile was able to recover his physical health, Chito tried to bring him back several times to his natural habitat. But Pocho came back to Chito several times.

And since then, Chito and Pocho crocodile became close friends for more than 20 years that never a human mind could have ever imagined.

Chito was popularly known as the man who swims with the crocodiles in one of the villages in Costa Rica. A crocodile brain is said to be ancient, living in pre-historic world, where food is considered as the only important thing in the world for survival.


In addition, crocodiles are said to be not capable of any feelings and affection, hence for Pocho the croc to swim with a man would be the first in the crocodile history.

The special bond between Chito and Pocho can be seen by the way Chito interacts with the crocodile. He knows when Pocho is happy and when he is anxious.

It is said it was Chito’s sensitivity to nature and wilderness that made him trusted even more by Pocho the croc. Chito never treated Pocho as an ordinary pet, an alligator pet.

He treated him as a loyal friend that he was able to give-up his first wife only to choose his relationship with Pocho.

However, it is so sad that the 23 years of relationship between Chito and Pocho had ended because of a tragic situation that caused Pocho’s natural death. But the memories they had will never come to an end as it is already written in the history.

Chito adopted Pocho as a way for people to see and respect animals and its nature. How about you? Will you also adopt a crocodile just like what Chito did?

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