SwagBot, The UGV For Australian Farmers

SwagBot Is An All-Terrain Robot UGV Developed For  Australian Farmers

SwagBot, The UGV For Australian Farmers

Now a robot will run in the farms. Soon this will become possible as the swagbot (name given to the field robot) Passes its all the tests on the field. SwagBot demonstrated effective in its first field test. Swagbot is an UGV(unmanned ground vehicle) that will run while it is in contact with the ground.

Swagbot robot makes his debut in the farms of Australia and passes all of the tests in the farm. SwagBot effectively showed the capacity to work in the tough steers’ station environment.

It is seemed that Future trials of Swagbot will concentrate on applying research toward self-sufficient homestead exercises incorporating checking and interfacing with plants and animals. Swagbot can group cows; tow overwhelming trailers, and navigate rough territory and has been intended to oversee animals on Australia’s immense sheep and dairy cattle stations, which are regularly remote and hard to get to. Here are the tests of Swagbot which it has passed.

Towing Equipment in the farm – Swagbot passes this test of towing and holding up the substances and any other equipment. It can tow any equipment to the farm.

Monitoring Animals- Swagbot also monitors animals in the farm like horses, cows and any other animal. It will monitor the specific animal or cattle.

Obstacle traversal: This farm robot is obstacle traversal, as it automatically senses the obstacle in its path and then choose the best and the right way to cross or pass that obstacle.

High traction for independent wheel drive- There is no problem that all wheels will drive according to the front wheels like what happen in car or any other vehicle. 

For high traction all wheels have independent drive. They can adjust themselves and can rotate for the best direction that is suitable for the path.

Rugged composite chasis- Swagbot is all set to clear the rugged path with its independent wheels, it is so well designed that it can easily clears the rugged path.

SwagBot Is An All-Terrain Robot UGV Developed For Australian Farmers

Aerial vehicle coordination,- Aerial view of the farm can be seen with Swagbot Aerial view coordination. The view will be aerial and it clears the entire farm. With it one can easily keep an eye on the farm. It is omnidirectional as it receives signal from all the directions.

Plant and weed monitoring and control- Swagbot also keeps an eye on plant and weed and then monitor and control its direction. In this way Swagbot will not damage the plants by hitting them. This is also the positive point that if it hits a big tree or bush it can also damage the swagbot. So this is the perfect point about the new member swagbot.

Extreme terrain traversal- Sometimes it is seen that there are extreme terrain traversal which become difficult to cross, but these are not difficult for Swagbot as it has the power and ability in itself that it can easily manage to cross the extreme terrain traversal path.

Animal herding and interaction- Interaction with animals and herding animals is one of the main tasks for Swagbot. But swagbot manages to clear thi task too. There is little problem in interaction with animals that animals are not able to understand what is it. But soon this will also be treated in such a way that animals can easily interact with Swagbot.

Waterproof drive system- The all new member of Australia’s farm Swagbot is waterproof. Swagbot have a waterproof drive system and with this it is not difficult for swagbot to cross or pass a water body. This will not affect the system.[mashvideo]

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