The Superfast Heli-Perfect Helicopter, Piasecki X 49 Helicopter For US Military

The Superfast Heli-Perfect Helicopter, Piasecki X 49 Helicopter For US Military

The Superfast Heli-Perfect Helicopter, Piasecki X 49 Helicopter For US Military

The Superfast Heli-Perfect Helicopter, Piasecki X 49 Helicopter For US Military

If you ever find yourself in a Tom Hanks Castaway situation lets hope that there is a Piasecki X-49 helicopter on the way to save you.

Aptly nicknamed the SpeedHawk the X-49 is one of the fastest air ambulance helicopters ever built. The job of military emergency helicopters has long gone to Sikorsky’s Seahawk line but the X-49 is quickly looking to change that trend.

Though it is only a concept aircraft at the moment the X-49 can prove itself to be one of the most valuable future aircraft in its class.

The X-49 was built with the same air frame as that of the Sikorsky YSH-60F Seahawk Helicopter, one of the most efficient and popular combat helicopters in production.

The X-49, with its 2-engine design, is also one of the most versatile military helicopters ever built. In tests performed in Wilmington, Delaware the X-49 reached speeds up to 240 kilometers per hour from a no hover take off position.

This allows for quick extraction and exit in a particularly dangerous combat zone. This new airplane design allows the X-49 to travel up to 330 kilometers per hour at its peak making it the fastest Seahawk air frame created.

This means that the only military planes faster than the X-49 are combat warplanes and combat helicopters.

What makes the Piasecki X-49 particularly special is its rather modest frame that still manages to maintain an incredibly high performance.

The X-49 has shown in tests to have a 50% reduction in vibration at speed as well as a 40% improvement in speed while utilizing the same amount of power.

The speed improvement can be attributed to its Vectored Thrust Ducted Propeller or VTDP and its new wing lifts.

The VTDP is a directional propeller that adds thrust during a flight that significantly increases its speed. The new wing lifts also allow the X-49 to achieve swift take off without the need for hovering.

This helicopter is so fast that it can achieve speeds up to 177 knots on a decent and 180 knots on level flight.

This is an extremely valuable technique in the future of emergency helicopters. Needless to say, this aircraft is fast.

This new aircraft design also allows the helicopter to make extremely sharp 360 degree turns at an astounding 150 knots or 277 kilometers per hour.

The ability to make a quick exit can be the difference between life and death for many soldiers.

As you can see the Piasecki X-49 is the emergency helicopter of the future. With its Seahawk-like design and its sinful speed this concept aircraft can revolutionize a war zone and save countless lives.

Currently, there has only been one prototype in action since 2007 and has only flown 80 hours in total.

The X-49 is currently still in testing phase but successfully passed the first round of requirements in 2007.

It won’t be long until we see these future aircraft out on the sea but until then try not to get stranded in a war zone if that is not too inconvenient.

The test footage Piasecki X-49 is also no doubt exceptional, and you can see the capabilities in action. [mashvideo]

Source: ArmedForcesUpdate

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