Spector Font And Colour Collector Concept: A handheld font tool with a difference

Spector Font And Colour Collector Concept: A handheld font tool with a difference

Spector Font And Colour Collector Concept A handheld font tool with a difference

Spector Font And Colour Collector Concept A handheld font tool with a difference

You would have come across free online font tool, but do you know about a handheld font tool? Being a designer is not at all easy, apart from ensuring a good user interface you need to even ensure great user experience.

Sometimes it is really difficult to predict the behavior of the user. But what is clear is that a good design- that is inclusive of a great color and font combination helps you in attracting visitors to the website and keeping them glued to it.

Basically, a good font can beautify your content and therefore can help your website look better. So it is always wise to look out for better designs, ideas.

Every designer goes through this process of search and at times they come across a font and color they are not familiar with.

Imagine, you are browsing a website and you land on a page whose font attracted you, now you use a font identifier app that helps you identify the font and use it.

Now imagine, if the same happened while you are going through a print media and you are like OMG, what font it is? What will you do? Use the online tool font?

You simply cannot. So, is there any way that can help you identify that font and even use it. Yes, there is available a tool by the name of Spector Font And Colour Collector Concept.

What exactly is the Spectre font tool about?

Designed and created by Fiona O’ Leary of Royal College of art, this Handheld tools, in reality, is a piece of hardware- more importantly, an innovative piece which will come to an aid of the designer, artists, and others.

How will it help the architects?

An architect needs to lay down colors and fonts in such a manner that it creates the best impression. While something a designer is able to develop a design on its own, he may at times get inspired by a print media and want to capture and store the color and fonts of it.

This hardware makes this activity possible and that too in a much comfortable way.

How it enhances interactivity?

The tool is a great one especially if you are looking to fill the gap between creation on a digital screen and the final print. A hand-held device by nature, it can be connected to the computer through the Bluetooth and has a software interface in between.

This font tool can induce interactivity in the printed document and can tell you easily about the typeface you have selected, the color within the print media and believe it or not it analyzes the color and provides specific font id, CYMK, RGB or the Pantone values.

Thus it helps you to decide upon the fonts to buy.

Working of the Handheld tool-

Want to work with the tool? Here are the steps through which the tool work-

  1. You place the Spector( Font scanner) on the printed page with a type or color.
  2. After selecting your preference you click the button.
  3. Device sends the capture to the computer
  4. The computer passes it to the software like InDesign, Pages, and word.
  5. Text when is rendered completely gets changed to the printed font almost instantly i.e. you get font
  6. recognition site.
  7. You can now get detailed information about the font including its size, kerning, leading and the place from where it can be bought.
  8. Colors, when are transferred, are loaded into the swatch palette. So use the tool and perform font detection, identify typeface and allow yourself to be inspired with all that you see and love.


Source: www.wired.com

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