Snake Game perhaps not , Irma Bule Dies Onstage

Snake Game turned Deadly, Watch Singer Irma Bule Dies Onstage from Cobra Bite

Snake Game, perhaps not, this disturbing video footage illustrates the dangers of some people have to contend with working along wild animals. In it, we see a singer’s live performance go horribly awry.

In this video, singer Irma Bule is performing onstage. It looks like a dangerous, albeit entertaining, snake game as she is using several cobras in her act. She’s singing as the snakes are wrapped around her body. The audience assumes that everyone onstage is comfortable working with the cobras. Furthermore, the audience assumes that the people who are handling the cobras know exactly what they’re doing. Nobody would ever assume that anything would go wrong. We imagine that the situation is perfectly safe.

As the show goes on, a cobra takes a bite of the singer. The audience seems confused as to, what has happened. When I watched the video, I thought that it was hard to tell exactly what had happened. I certainly would not have guessed that the cobra bite had been so serious. I had been thinking that the snakes probably weren’t even poisonous.

Bule is a true professional. The singer remains onstage while HD videos continue to play in the background. It’s as if the show must go on. The audience is unaware that she is dying on stage from the cobra bite.This isn’t a fake snake game. This is real life and death. The singer soon collapses and her colleague carries her lifeless body off the stage.

Animals, especially the wild and dangerous ones, should not be used for entertainment purposes. Unless the handlers are extremely well-trained professionals, they are often careless and this degree of carelessness can have deadly results as we see in this video. When things go wrong, the results can be fatal.

Click the link below if you wish to view this graphic and disturbing video.


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