Sikhs – A First Responders to Manchester Massacre

Sikhs – A First Responders to Manchester Massacre

Manchester is a metropolitan city and industrial rich heritage in the England. It has population of more than 5 lakhs. This city is well known for tourism. But few days back this city witnessed terrorists attack outside an Arena Grande concert at Manchester arena.

Many innocent people lost their life. In this attack many kids also lost their life. This attack was not an attack on the people but an attack on the humanity.

What humanity stands for? Let’s explain with an example :-

When a child is born. He is always taught to serve for humanity. He is taught to help the people, he is taught to educate the masses. He is given set of examples. But among those only few understands that


Some believes humanity means taking one’s life and while other believes saving one’s life.

During the attack the people who have understood the true meaning of humanity are “SIKH COMMUNITY”. Sikh community is trying their best to provide basic facilities to the affected people of Manchester.

Their message is “OUR DOORS and Our HEARTS ARE OPEN”.

Sikhs acted as the first responders by providing as many help they could. Some brought concertgoers to the Sikhs Gurudwara where they are providing the facilities like food, shelters. They are giving free taxi services to the residents of Manchester.

Their taxis are labeled as “Free Taxi if needed”. It means anyone who wants to get transportation facility can get free of cost.  One of the resident said, “I will always remember Sikhs for their assistance”.

According to Hindustan times, one of leading Indian English newspaper, “members of Sikh community are having placards reading I LOVE MCR (Manchester).

Name and address of four gurudwaras near the areas which offered shelter and food to anyone need were retweeted”.

Not only this print media has praised the efforts by Sikh community but other international print as well as e-media is at the forefront in praising the Sikh community.

The name of Sikh community has been written in the history as the first responders to Manchester attack. Every child will be told to help the people wherever possible. Here motive is to tell that when you do something good for humanity then everyone remembers you and if you destroys the world then no one remembers you”.

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