Shocking!! 700 Ton Ship Flips in the Ocean

Shocking!! 700 Ton Ship Flips in the Ocean

Just imagine that you’re staying inside a room which would certainly flip itself and stand straight. You might think that this couldn’t be possible in real life and sound like fiction rite. But here we do not have a room but a 700 Ton ship that can flips inside an Ocean and stands straight.

Yes, there exists such platform which can flip itself on its own and has become a remarkable example of engineering technology.

FLIP means Floating Instrument Platform which is a 355 long vessel owned by the office of Naval Research and is designed partially backward around 90 degrees.

They have flipped the 700 Ton Ship in the ocean for researched purpose only. The research center is operated by the Marine Physical Laboratory of the Scrips Institution of Oceanography at California.

The vessel results in only 55 feet pointing outside of the water with bulkheads and becoming decks.

This process started in the year 2012 by ship sinking and transitioning from horizontal to vertical, in the picture and videos it looks like the ship is sinking slowly and is surely going to go down. [mashvideo]

But there is no sinking ship rather it is a ship which is built to study the wave height, acoustic signals, water temperature and density by collecting the meteorological data.

Not only this but FLIP has also have supported in studying ocean floor using Doppler sonar, energy transfer between atmosphere and ocean, Pressure variations and also in reverberation.

When the ship was flipped, there was toughness provided by the water below the surface of the waves at the depth. Due to this FLIP was stable enough to immune wave action.

Later on, when the mission was completed the air was allowed to compress its pump into the ballast tank in the flooded section and this allow the vessel to return to its original horizontal position, but the location of the ship was changed to the other position.

Source: Rick Scheu

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