Sensational photos of Bollywood Celebrities that are Biggest Controversies of Time

Sensational photos of Bollywood celebrities that are biggest controversies of time

Here we are bringing something which will make your eyes wide opened and after looking at these things you won’t be forgetting them for a longer time. Everyone is aware of the fact that bollywood has always been synonym for the words like trouble, controversy etc. Till date there has been uncountable number of controversies in the bollywood and all of them collected lot of attendance of people all over the world and not only in India. Still with all these things, bollywood has been stepping towards success every then and now. They are bringing new new things to the viewers which create excitement within them.

But it is always a true fact that every coin has two sides. Same goes with the bollywood as always. Many times the bollywood stars have also been landed into troubles and controversies. These controversies have been the biggest ones of the time and once you go through them, you might bite your fingers, so be careful guys!

Let’s have a look at some of the sensational photos which are the biggest controversies of all time and have made the bollywood actors and actress famous forever but we can’t say whether in good or the bad way.

Sharmila Tagore

Sharmila Tagore wore the bikini

The trend of bikini has been in Bollywood from long but some of us have a confusion that this came with actresses like Priyanka and Kareena. But this is actually not true and this is been proved by the picture of Sharmila tagore which is here in front of you. To cover the grace of Filmfare, the famous actress, Sharmila Tagore wore the bikini with floral print in which she was looking damn hot.

Katrina Kaif

The superhot actress, Katrina Kaif was in big controversy when thing photo from a party got published in media. Nobody can actually understand what this person is trying to do in public.

Mallika Sherawat

This image of Mallika was the biggest controversies of the time when the movie hiss was about to release. She got this shot completed for the promotion of the movie. She was seen doing romance with a snake which could put a bad effect over the viewers.

Jackie Shroff and Zeenat Aman

For the Stardust cover page, both of them had a lip lock which brought them in the controversies of the time.

Amisha Patel

This photo shoot of Amisha has been done after release of Kaho na pyaar hai. May be she did this to come in limelight in the bollywood, but still she did not got any success in the film industry and now is seen nowhere.

Karishma Kapoor and Akshaya Khanna

This shameful photo shoot by both of them was another big bollywood controversy. The shoot clearly shows that these guys have forgotten what the shoot is for and giving it as if it for some Kamasutra magazine.

Rekha has always been in limelight because of her sexy looks, but this hot shoot brought a lot of controversies to her showing the complete nude pose of her.

Shah Rukh Khan

This shoot by king Khan is not able to clarify what he is trying to do but it is for sure that this is was not liked by anyone as it is looking so add and weird.

Minissha Lamba

She tried many such ways to get some fame and popularity in Bollywood but nothing helped her out. But the fact that cannot be hidden is that she is looking damn hot in this shot.

Although the list has no end but these are the main ones that we have brought to you.

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