Self Photography: Tips For Taking Better Selfie With Mobile Phone Or Digital Camera

Self Photography: Tips For Taking Better Selfie With Mobile Phone Or Digital Camera

These days’ selfies have become the latest and most trendy way of photography. It is like a chance to demonstrate your personality, confidence and fashion sense to the world. Clicking some attention grabbing selfies is an art. Media24By7 is presenting some cool tricks that will make your selfie more beautiful and perfect.

Self Photography

  • While taking the selfie you should always try to make creative experiments by angles. Always try to turn your head few degrees to left or right, this will make your features look flat and enhanced.
  • If your wish to highlight your cleavages, you should set the camera lens slightly above your face. Now take a snapshot, such selfies enhance your features a lot.
  • Want to create a bit drama? For this you should always try to show off something new in your selfie. May be earrings or new haircut; always include something new in your selfie. This will definitely grab the attention of your loved ones.
  • All the selfie lovers should remember that you should always try to focus on single feature while clicking a selfie. For example, if you wish to have a close up of your face then try to glam up one features while downplay the others. This is believed as the best have to have beautiful selfies. This method really works if you want to enhance the one feature that you are especially pleased with.
  • Do not forget to have interesting expressions. Always try to play around with different smiles. Be proud of your smile!!! And go on. Smile is the most appreciated and charming expression that you can wear.
  • Remember that the expressions should look authentic. Try to capture the selfie when you are feeling the particular emotion. Take the selife when you are watching the movie that makes you genuinely laugh. You can also create drama by clicking selfie right after you find out some shocking news.
  • Wish to show off your great outfit? Full length selfie will be a great solution to demonstrate your beautiful dress. Choose a clutter free space and take a full body choose a clutter free space and take a full body shot. Make sure that the camera perfectly focuses your complete figure. Random objects in the baground will help you create real drama.
  • Cocking your hip to the same side you are holding the camera will give you a slander look. Make sure that your opposite shoulder should come a bit forward. You can either dangle the free arm to your side or you can place the free hand on your waist. This will look really sexy. Remember that the chest should lean forward naturally and the legs should be crossed at your ankle.
  • Outdoor selfies look really great. A light make is required to look naturally beautiful in the selfie. This will offer the illusion that you are giving your social media follower the glimpse at the ‘Natural You’.
  • Duck face selfie can create a real drama. Actually, duck face is the combo of puckered lips and wider eyes. Try to set a scene for real selfie. A solid light source is really essential for capturing a perfect selfie. Always try to take the selfie near the window or door. Use a thick curtain to diffuse the sunlight. This will make it more flat. In this way, your smile will appear more beautiful and charming.

Try to experiment with filters. A good sense of edition and a perfect snap will make the selfie really awesome. Follow the tricks and amaze your friends with perfect selfie. For more updates, keep visiting media24By7.

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