SAFETY OF CHILDREN; Are our Children Safe in School?

SAFETY OF CHILDREN; Are our Children Safe in School?

  • Why Discussion is important on this topic?

Here we discuss the child security topic in School.  In the recent newspaper and media reports, you may hear about Praduman Murder Case, Ryan International School in Gurgaon, Haryana. This case is buzzing nowadays.  And after this case security of students in School is in the sphere of the doubt. Why are schools not managing the security system in schools?  WHY are popular schools also failed in the task of security? These are a major question asked by parents and Indian Society from schools and Government.  Who is responsible for these hate crimes in schools?  To get rid of these hated crimes the brief discussion is important on the topic of student’s security in schools. 

  • Is School Management Responsible for These Crimes with students?

The school has a big staff including teachers and Management. They have large funds also for a school requirement.  But they don’t manage or invest their funds in the security of students.  Schools are not expressed much interest in this sector and the reason behind them they are not spent much money in the matter of security. That’s why they hire cheap rate security guards, bus conductor without any Police Verification.

What is the Solution? :  It is the duty of government bodies, which must verify the school security member’s history and background, should check that School is verified their staff or not. If this is done, then must be decreased the rate of crimes in schools.

  • Torched or Mental Stress facing by students: sometimes we see that students were harassing in school by their teachers or friends. And they will not tell anyone. This was causing the problem of mental stress and torched issues. Because of there one no person to listen to their hidden problems. Some students are shy so, they will not able to tell their problems to anyone.

What is the Solution? Conduct Counseling Programs: It is the duty of school and parents as well that must conduct the counseling programs time to time. This will enhance the mental stability of students to get rid of hateful crimes. They will become able to tell their problems with teachers and parents. The crimes are increasing when there are no hidden mediators to listen to their problems. Teachers can also observe the behavior of particular student to stop the crimes.

  • Teachers and Principals are not interested to listen to the problems of the students: It is the main problems which is we always hear from students that principal and teachers are not interested in solving their personal issues. At that time the chance is increasing crime rates started.

What is the solution? Construct a Committee: Schools can construct a committee to observe the school atmosphere and background and also sought the issues of students. This is the great step to decrease crime rates. Because when a committee is in the school for listen the students issue the problem of security would automatically go down. And this will not only helpful for school but also for parents.

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