Prynt Pocket Instant Camera That Can Turn Printed Photos into GIFs

Prynt Pocket Instant Camera That Can Turn Printed Photos into GIFs

Prynt Pocket Instant Camera

Prynt Pocket Instant Camera

In the recent age, every day a new technology is taking place to make our life more comfortable and easy. Now the people are very busy in their daily lives and look for an easy way to lead their life comfortably. At the age of Snap Chat and Instagram, everyone wishes to have a device which can take the physical prints of photos.

But carrying a separate camera with your smartphone may be some offensive. That’s why a new technology print pocket comes in. It is a small device that can be attached to your iPhone and you can take a photo and print it out very fast.

How Does It Work ?

Prynt recently has disclosed the prynt pocket. It is the new version of the instant mobile printer which uses modern technology. This device works like a camera, and it consists of a physical shutter button and a wheel for zoom the photo.

Prynt Pocket Instant Camera

Prynt Pocket Instant Camera

It is designed in such a manner that it is fitted in all sizes of iPhones.  You can attach it to your iPhone by using a lighting port. The prynt can be connected with your iPhone by using an adapter. Then it can take any photo within a few seconds on a mini Zink photo paper strip. This paper strip uses inkless thermal printing technology.

Advantages of This Machine

The main advantage of this product is that it is small sized and light weight. If you wish to take an instant photo print, then this device can fulfill your instant gratification. You have no need to go to a stationary printing shop or go to the home for getting the prints of your photos.

An eco-conscious people will obviously prefer this device as because the paper that is used in it is non-toxic and recyclable. The print does not produce any waste as there is no ribbon or ink cartridge to dispose of. 

Users say that quality of photos by using this mobile photo printer is super. The coloration of the photos is quite impressive. The price of this tiny device is not so high. It is available for $149.99 in your nearest shop, but in the prynt’s website, it takes only $ 119.99.

Why Is This Device Unique ?

This device sounds very impressive. Each of the small photos contains a hidden video clip which makes this device more unique. When you take a shot, the prynt pocket records a 6 seconds video clip from your phone. 

These video clips are saved in the cloud automatically and attach it to your photo which you have taken just before a few second. The main exciting point is that you can open up the app for every time and can scan the still images. The video clips of 6 seconds will play on your smartphone with each time.

When you take some photo using his device, it takes something similar to a GIF or a live photo. But this device can easily access and it will delight your friends at long travel or can make fun in the party.

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