Prevention of sepsis through the amazing Probiotic Therapy

Prevention of sepsis through the amazing Probiotic Therapy

Sepsis is a very harmful disease due to which every year millions of newborns die. Sepsis is a form of blood infection which spreads in the whole body and due to which there can be a failure in multiple organs of a baby leading to the death. This is the major reason why these days the probiotic theory is becoming so famous. It is highly successful in curing this disease. But before going into details of the probiotic theory, it is important to understand what sepsis is and how it occurs in babies.

Surviving Sepsis 2017 Guidelines

Introduction to the dangerous disease: Sepsis

When suddenly the immune system inside the body starts responding to certain infection and starts the attack over the various organs and parts of the body, it is the direct symptom of sepsis. This infection can occur in various parts of the body like intestine, skin, lungs and the urinary tract etc. The normal body reactions turn into infection due to this disease. Due to the infection, the bacteria change the temperature of the body. Along with this, the heart rate and the blood pressure also varies and the normal functioning of the body organs stop. There may be serious complications due to the disease and therefore it may badly affect the various body organs like brain, heart, kidney, and lungs etc.

Who can be the prey of Sepsis?

The disease may affect any person but their major preys are the ones listed below:

The people who are suffering from the chronic medical conditions.

Babies who are less than 3 years of age and whose immune system is not fully developed so as to fight the infection.

People whose immune system has already been affected by the diseases like cancer or HIV.
The elder people

Symptoms of Sepsis

There are many symptoms that can be seen in a newborn which is a clear sign of the disease.

If the baby is younger than 3 months and has a temperature of the body more than 100.4o F, you should immediately take him to the doctor.

If the baby doesn’t eat and has some difficulty in breathing or appears ill.

In older babies, there can be rashes, resistibility in breathing or fever and the other related issues.

The decrease in the tone of the baby.

Constant change in the rate of heart beat.

Break in the breaths of the baby.

Sudden change in the color of skin

Fullness of the spots on the head of the baby

All these symptoms are a direction towards the fact that the baby has been infected by the bacteria such as cellulitis.
The Probiotic therapy

One of the best therapies that the scientists have come up with these days to cure the dangerous disease, Sepsis, is the probiotic theory. This is a course which is actually very cost effective. Nowadays, the medical science has grown a lot but along with the medications being provided are so costly that they are not always in reach of a common man. The probiotic theory costs just a single dollar for one course, doesn’t it sounds amazing! This entire therapy has got its inspiration from some of the ancient Indian texts where the food items like curd etc were given a lot of importance.


These are the food items which are having bacteria in them which are beneficial for the health of the body. These bacteria help in the prevention of the harmful bacteria to enter inside the body and colonize the gut. The probiotic therapy has been successful in taking this medical approach one step further. Just a combination of probiotic, Lactobacillus plantarum is done with the sugar which is non absorbable i.e. fructooligosaccharide. It is a very beneficial synbiotic.

Once the positive results of the product were seen, clinical trials were being started by the research team in the parts of Orissa so as to keep an aim of treating around a total of 8,000 neonates. As soon as the entire therapy was applied over around 4500 children, 95% success ratio was being observed which a great positive factor is. Then, the doctors decided to disclose the therapy among the public so that everyone in need could utilize it to cure their children.

A great breakthrough was observed in the due course when there was only 40 % risk of sepsis was found within the newborns which in itself is a much-decreased percent. With the ongoing course of the probiotic therapy, the synbiotic was kept on an observation period of 3 to 4 days after the birth. Then for the next two months, the child was kept under strict observation. There were amazing and very shocking results being found. Out of all the people treated with synbiotic, only six were dead and some 4 of them died due to placebo issues. Along with this, one more plus point got added to the therapy. All the children who were being treated with this amazing therapy have shown a much-reduced danger of any infections related to the respiratory tract and also their immunity was much increased so as to strongly fight with other related infections. There was a better growth observed in those children and their development ratio also increased. These all results were a direct point towards the decrease in the death of around 40% children.

Thus, this therapy has created a new breakthrough in the medical world and the child death ratio has also significantly reduced which is good news for of course all the parents. Hence, you all should be aware of this beneficial therapy and must use them as and when required for the children as well as other needy people.

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