How to Prevent Phone from Overheating

How to Prevent Phone from Overheating

This is the time of summer and the temperature always keeps on increasing. Due to this warming temperature, the phone is not able to bear the heat. It is a true fact that on the basis of the external temperature of the environment, the internal temperature of the phone changes. In case your mobile phone is getting heated very highly it means that there can be some serious problems with the inner functionalities of the mobile like for example it may be possible that battery is getting drained out. Also it can be a case that the central processing unit is getting melted out. There can also be a forced shutdown of the phone due to overheating. When the phone gets overheated, it may be possible that the phone will never start again.

Here are some of the tips that can be used to prevent the phone from getting overheated. Have a look at them below:

Avoid your phone from getting direct contact to the sunlight

Many times we just keep our phone anywhere and go away leaving it like that. This may be okay situation for you but not actually for your mobile phone. Due to the direct rays of the sun, the phone can easily absorb the heat and the light. This way it can get heat up and the phone will become more heated. The time, till which you remain in the contact of sun, the more it will get heated. Thus, to prevent the phone from overheating, avoid contact of direct sunlight.

Keep the brightness low

People are always in habit to keep the brightness at 100%. This is another reason of overheating of the phone. The battery will be affected if the brightness is turned up and thus the phone will have to work harder. This way the phone will get more heated which is turn will affect the working condition of the phone. It is always suggested to buy a glare screen so that the level of brightness will also be less and the phone can also be taken under direct sunlight.
Always keep the unused apps turn off

When you allow the apps which are of no use to run in the background, then battery gets drained faster. This way the phone will get heated up very fast and will have poor working conditions. Therefore, it is always advised to turn off all the apps which are of no use. This will decrease the heat.

Switch the phone off when not in use

Whenever you are not using the mobile, either put it to airplane mode or shut it down otherwise it will consume heat for no reason. If you put it in airplane mode, you will be able to play games and music. Thus, your phone will also not be heated up.

Take the case off in case of overheating

If the phone is already heated up then take your phone cover off as the heat will be trapped within the case. When the case is removed, the phone will be able to perform its job easily and without any blockage. The phone will cool quickly in that case.

Some other tips that you can follow so as to reduce the heat of your phone are as follows:

Always keep the applications up to date as the updates will keep the apps away from the bugs and hence the efficiency of the phone will be improved.

It is always advisable to keep your phone away from other gadgets. If one device is kept on or under other device, it may end up heating any of them in case any of them is on.

Always try to keep the phone clean. Thus, remove the apps which are of no use so that your phone will have enough free space. This way the workload will also be reduced.

These are some of the ways that can help avoid your phone from overheating and thus retaining their long life.

These cures are not difficult to follow and hence you can take care so that you can retain your phone with you for longer time.



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  2. Everyone should prevent their phone from heating up.
    People forget to remove their phone from charging.,
    Everyone must take care of their phone from overheating.
    Great post.
    Have a nice day.

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