Patio canopy roof is solution to many problems

Patio canopy roof is solution to many problems

A patio canopy is an overhead roof in the paved outdoor area adjacent to the house. It can be structured with fabrics or material. Purpose of it is to give shelter from sun, snow, hail and rain etc. It gives extra space for sitting or dinning within the house. Canopy mainly a tent without a floor providing a refreshing place on deck or balcony.

One other benefits of patio canopy roof are that they keep temperature moderate within them unlike glass roofs. They protects from direct UV rays. With that in markets, accessories that are suitable with patio material increase versatility and style of the area. For example add on screen rooms, amazing patio lights etc.

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Patio canopy roof is made up of powder-coated aluminum based frame with panels of polycarbonates. This structure makes them far more reliable then breakable glass and more durable and resistant in acute weathers. It offers best drainage through in-built gutters which is its own distinct feature. Its fabric is also UV resistant so that its original colors do not faint in sun with that it also keeps sunlight away.

Aluminum frames are available in wide range of colors providing you many choices available. Among its many benefits one is that it keeps cooler temperature within the house extending life of your furniture and windows as well. Some aluminum patio can be foldable.

Patio canopy roofs can be used in plenty of ways i.e. they can be planted to keep your furniture safe from the direct sunlight coming from windows. It provides an extra space for kids and pets to play while been sheltered from direct sunlight and unfavorable weather. It’s an amazing invention for the people who like to enjoy their evening on decks and balconies. It provides a decent place for barbeque or to hang laundry on daily basis.

Patio canopy is available in different sizes i.e. 4.3M X 3M, 5.7M X 3M, 3.7M X 3M, 4.95M X 3M according to the measurements you require to fulfill your need. In other specification it includes:

Frame: Strong 1.1m thick powder coated aluminum frame. It provides enough firmness to hold the panels and with strand stormy weather.

Panel: it has 6mm twin wall polycarbonate panel. Polycarbonates are also UV treated as discussed above.

Joints: it has galvanized steel joints and connectors that ensures protection and does not let panels of frame fall.

Water drainage: drainage system does not let water stay above the roof increasing its life.

Design: it has a practical and not to complex designs with decorative style as well.

Color: It is now available in charcoal grey color.

Guide: For further details and installations details, a guide is also included in the package.

Patio canopy roof is solution to many problems. It increase comfort in living in concentrated places. It also adds decorative beauty and versatility in your house. It’s a cost effective way of increasing sitting area within the premises of the house also in extra benefits it saves your homely furnishing safe from the extreme weathers.

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