Things you should know before buying pacifiers for baby

Things you should know before buying pacifiers for baby

The arrival of a new baby always brings celebration and happiness. In most of the cases, both of the parents are surely available during the first few days. The baby receives full attention of the family during these days. Once the baby arrives, people start buying different things to please the baby. When it comes to buying pacifiers for the baby, people have different opinions. We have collected helpful information on using pacifiers which we are sharing here with you.

Many parents have different views on pacifiers. While pacifiers are comfortable for baby and are now recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for use to prevent sudden infant death syndrome parents have become more interested in buying pacifiers. Before you buy pacifiers for your little one, you should consider a few things before making a purchase. Take a look at these common features and safety tips to make sure you are buying the right pacifiers.

Don’t buy a bundle:

When you are decorating baby’s room, it is tempting to buy many pacifiers. But, YOU SHOULD NOT. Buying a few different pacifiers is a good idea. But it will be good if you wait until your baby arrives. It is always good to buy one or two. Not all the babies love pacifiers; there are so many babies who do not even touch them. Have patience and try different pacifiers for baby before buying the supply for a year or more.

Use One-Piece Pacifiers:

Most of the new pacifiers are one-piece, whether they are made with molded silicone or latex. Always make sure that the nipple is properly attached to the base of the pacifier you are choosing. Try to detach it. If you can detach the nipple from base, it is sure that baby will also try to do that and will surely detach it. These types of things can be very harmful. Always avoid pacifiers with gel or liquid inside. Liquid or gel filled pacifiers may look attractive, but they are harmful when baby bites and the liquid can get released.

Do not try to experiment:

It is advisable for every parent not to recreated pacifiers at home. There are many baby products available which can be created at home. But, never try to consider pacifiers in that category. Are you thinking to use bottle nipples as pacifiers? Change your thoughts immediately. These kinds of things can harm your child. Homemade pacifiers may cause choking and other health risks to your baby.

Orthodontic Pacifiers:

It is always good to use orthodontic pacifiers for more comfort. Using orthodontic pacifiers help in natural development of teeth, palates and gums. Orthodontic pacifier nipples have a round shaped design and they are designed to prevent tooth problems in later life. Always consider the size of pacifier before buying.


Safety is the major concern. Always consider a safe product for your baby. It applies with every product. While buying pacifier, always keep a few things in mind to choose the right pacifier. It should be at least 1.5 inches to prevent the risks of choking. Babies do not understand the risks of getting rashes but parents do. So look for the right pacifier that has vent holes in the shield to let air flow to the soft skin of baby. Choosing the colors and style of pacifiers depends on your choice and of course your baby’s, but it is good if you go with brightly colored pacifiers as they are easy to find. Why don’t you try pacifiers that glow in night? It will be easy for you to find them in night and your baby will love to see them. Be sure the pacifier can be sterilized properly.

No matter how much you feel comfortable with tying a pacifier to your baby, never try to do this. It is really harmful and risky. For more information on health, fitness, baby and mother care browse the countless ideas, tips and tricks that we keep providing at your favorite online magazine Media24by7.

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