No country for Rohingyas

No country for Rohingyas

A word ‘Rohingya Muslim’ is circulating in various media channel be it electronic or print media.What is the problem is not only matter of concern for a individual country but involving United Nation and world.

Why no country wants Rohingya

Rohingyas are ethnic group in Myanmar whom the country doesn’t recognised among its 135 ethnic groups under it’s citizenship act effective from 1982.Myanmar termed this minority community as migrants of Bangladesh.In Recent years conflicts started between rohingya Muslim’s and Buddhist group resulting in many bloodshed incidents. Allegedly Myanmar army were being attacked by some Rohingya terrorists.

Myanmar government started militry action against this group.There are about 10 lakhs Rohingya muslim in Myanmar. Amid violence this group started fleeing Myanmar and taking shelter as refugees in neibouring Bangladesh and India. More than 1.2 lakhs Rohingya have entered Bangladesh till date.In India about 40000 Rohingya muslim are living in cities like Jammu and Kashmir, UP, rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh.

India however is not a signatory of Refugee convention of United Nation still it have given shelter to many refugees from Tibet,Shri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan time to time. But in the case of Rohingya muslim refugees, the government of India is reluctant. The fact involves a very sensitive matter of national security.

Why no country wants Rohingya

Rohingya are reported to be involved in terrorists incidents or they are vulnerable enough to be lurred into the terror business.

Government of India is planning to deport Rohingya Muslims as Minister of state Kiren rijiju said that t India is talking to Bangladesh and Myanmar regarding the deportation of Rohingya Muslims. United Nations has urged India to follow the customary law and not to deport the Rohingya Muslims. A petition is also filed in Supreme Court against the government move to deport the Rohingya Muslims.

However the expert says that deportation of Rohingya muslims is in India’s interest as the Rohingyas are dangerous to country’s safety and they may also cause the problem to legitimate citizen of India. They may alter the demographic division of India which would not be good for this country.

But the deportation is not so easy. Actually the international customery law states that a refugee who may face prosecution or torture cannot be deported to original place. As Myanmar doesn’t recognize Rohingyas as his citizen,it is now a grave situation for international security.Various NGOs as well as human right group have opposed the government move and now the top court has to decide

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