The Manchester Attack, An Act of Violence against Women ??

The Manchester Attack, An Act of Violence against Women ??

The Manchester Attack, An Act of Violence against Women

We don’t know what the exact motivation is behind the Manchester terror attack that took place on Monday 22nd May. This is one of the most horrible attacks in UK’s history and created an unwanted destruction and unleashes chaos. It killed 22 people with an eight years old girl. It is often heard that the bomber also died of that attack.

What had Exactly Happened ?

On that day eight female nursing students who used to live in the girls’ hostel in Manchester were stabbed, tortured and strangled by a male criminal. Police have informed that this terrible attack at least claims 22 people’s live at Ariana Grande concert. Some of these victims were children.

The Manchester Attack, An Act of Violence against Women

The Manchester Attack, An Act of Violence against Women

Some officers said that almost 59 peoples were hospitalized and 60 peoples have treated by paramedics after this brutal explosion. This also hit the concert. North West Ambulance said that twelve people of this concert were hospitalized who were aged under 16.

Who Are Responsible For This Attack ?

Police try to find out that whether Salman Abedi was the only responsible or he was a part of a network. Various online posts say that Islamic state is the responsible for this attack. The police have told that the terrorist was carrying an extemporized explosive device.

A 23 years old man was arrested by the local police on Tuesday morning. The armed police raided a total block of flats in Whalley Range on the morning of Tuesday. It was treated as a part of the investigation of the attack.

Where Did The Attack Happen ?

This Manchester attack has spoiled many places. So, no one can tell the exact place where it happened. According to Manchester Arena, the horrible incident took place in a public space near the concert. The British Transport Police said that this explosion had hit the foyer of the building at around 10.30 pm.

Actions Took Place after Explosion

As Arena was brutally attacked by this explosion the large part around this city was sealed off. No one had permission to enter the Victoria station. It was closed for the whole Tuesday. Police gave the strong instruction to avoid the Manchester city center on Tuesday.

The Manchester Attack, An Act of Violence against Women

Most of the roads were closed for the day after the explosion. Public transports have faced a great hassle. In the Cathedral gardens, the police implemented a controlled explosion.

Various Police Reactions

The Metropolitan police have asked for sending the soldiers on the street of the city. Armed officers were positioned for guard duties. The commissioner of police said that additional police would be set up for duty in Manchester for the whole weekend. As a safety for those people who were on the way, police have notified that they can call on the number of National Casualty Bureau.

If we all are concerned about the girls who have lost their precious life on that Monday night, we have to create a worry-free world where women can enjoy their childhood. Maybe we never can find that what was going on the shooter’s mind but if we try we can control this.

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