Man punches a kangaroo in the face watch what happens in next


Man punches a kangaroo in the face watch what happens in next

An early boxing day in Australia; A comic confrontation between a zookeeper and a Kangaroo:

The release of a video featuring a man sucker punching a Kangaroo in a bid to save his dog clawed in tightly by the Kangaroo has taken the Interwebz by storm.In the description posted by the licensor of the Original Youtube video captured in High Definition, there’s an interesting backstory to the whole incident. A clan of hunters arranged a hunting trip to fulfil the last wish of a young lad diagnosed with terminal cancer. The somewhat quaintly specific wish was to catch a Two Hundred and Twenty pounded wild boar with the assistance of his dogs.

On one eventful day, one of the dogs was strong armed by a colossal buck kangaroo that held the poor dog in submission by its protective gear designed for protection against sharp boar tusks. The dog then stood helpless in submission and waited for his owner to come in and help him get free of the tight clutch. The owner fretting the dog’s safety rushed in. The Kangaroo, at first, tried to scare off the owner but once it realized it couldn’t, it tried to subdue the dog through a kick in the stomach so he could focus his attention on his human adversary. Fortunately, the kick wasn’t fatal enough to disembowel the dog who walked out from the whole incident safe and sound. The Kangaroo then stood straight up and imitated a human like stance for boxing. The owner, in a bid to stop the Kangaroo from advancing towards him, sucker punched the Kangaroo which left the Kangaroo bewildered. All bystanders were expecting a violent response from the Kangaroo, but the Kangaroo itself was all at sea regarding what to do and deemed it better to just walk away from the fight.

The 1:52 minutes long video was recorded back in June, but was uploaded only this Sunday and has managed to amass 28.2 Million views in just a matter of 4 days. The video has garnered quite a few humorous responses from the viewers as well who have made interesting observations in the comments section of the Youtube video.The incident itself has attracted mixed responses from the audiences with a morning show host contending the termination of the contract of the zookeeper from Taronga Western Plains Zoo. The Zoo has issued a statement in favor of its employees saying that Grieg is a competent zookeeper with extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with African wildlife.The poor guy for whom the trip was arranged died shortly afterwards the video was shot.


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