Watch Live train accident caught on camera

Watch real train accident videos, where people survived unhurt

Train accident are not always very common but mostly when they occur they are always fatal and lead to the death of many people. The video clip shows different accidents that involve trains in different episodes; most of them result from the carelessness of the pedestrians who do not stick to the rules used when crossing any highway. The live coverage shows accidents though in most of the instances the victims do not die.

Most of the people involved in the accidents doesn’t live to tell the tale after the accidents; the trains do not hit the hard or crush them as in some instances that leave victims dead. This is one of the latest video clips that show victims still able to live even after a train accident which in most cases is always perceived to be fatal accidents where the victims always die. Most of the people who get involved are caught unaware by the trains moving at very high speeds, some people try to cross the railway line to get to the other end only to be caught by the train. One of the instances shows a person trying to cross the railway line, the person is quite fast and tries to get to the other end but the train is too fast to allow the person cross.

Most of the situations show a near miss situation which might make a person think that the train might not hit the person but ends up hitting them. The local videos show the mistakes made by people who walk by the railway line not taking into account that there might be a train coming at any given time. Such accidents are very common as others also try to come off the train without letting the train stop first before they can get out. This makes them to sustain injuries in the process as a result of the motion that the train was in.

To avoid such situations, pedestrians should follow all the rules that regard the use of the railway line, this can reduce the number of accidents that occur as a result of the mistakes made by them. Other motorists who use the road should also take caution before crossing the railway line. The case in the video shows a situation of a near miss that almost makes the train to hit a car that is crossing the railway line. Following rules can lead to reduced number of accidents involving people and trains, the trains are always in very high speeds and this makes it very difficult for them to brake instantly.[mashvideo]

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