List of 13 Most Unsafe Countries for Women in the World

List of 13 Most Unsafe Countries for Women in the World

As the time has been going on changing with a rapid speed, our world is progressing but still, numerous countries are there where people don’t even respect women and such countries are most dangerous for them, why? A number of issues including the gender discrimination, domestic violence, rapes, and female foeticide are usually reported in these countries due to which numerous women have to suffer from every new day. On the one side, some countries are highly known for their warm hospitality while some others are still holding an array of dangers for women. Do you know these unsafe countries? No?

Just have a slight look at 13 Most Unsafe Countries for Women in the World-

List of 13 Most Unsafe Countries for Women in the World
List of 13 Most Unsafe Countries for Women in the World


Numerous malpractices have been reported here in Pakistan. It is a place where numerous unethical tragedies usually happen with the women among which acid attacks, punishment by stoning, child marriage, and domestic violence are the most common. Each year, more than about 1,000 girls become the victim of ‘honor killings’ here in Pakistan.


It is a place where about 45,000 cases of domestic violence have been already registered in 2015 and numerous women had to become the victim of acid attacks here  among which most of the women didn’t get even the justice for the same and thus Columbia is reckoned as one of the most dangerous countries for women in the world.


India is one of the countries with the highest population but still, it is not safe for the women as a number of rapes, human trafficking, and domestic violence tragedies are usually going on happening here with every new day. There are about 50 million cases of female abortion have been reported in India in last 30 years.


Somalia is another unsafe country for women as sexual harassment is very usual and common in this country. Child marriage for the girls is very much common here and numerous high maternal deaths also happen here.


HIV is one of the most common problems for women in this country. Women have no right to their own body and private parts here in Kenya.


A number of females are usually get sexually assaulted here in Brazil and some of the women just get murdered in every two hours.


Women are not allowed to have an abortion here in Egypt and if they do so, they will be obliged to have a jail for about 3 years.


More than about 4,000 cases are there for the vanishing of women in about 2011-12. Women usually become a victim of domestic violence and sexual harassment in Mexico.

The Democratic Republic of Congo-

More than about 1.150 women just get raped with every new day and about 57% of the pregnant women are found to be anemic.


A number of girls are usually forced into the early child marriage here in Afghanistan and numerous cases of domestic violence have also been registered here.

The Russian Federation-

Women are here safe to stay here in ‘The Russian Federation’ as the crime rate is very much high in this country.


It is a place where numerous professional women are usually forced to get entered into prostitution to provide a living to their families.

Saudi Arabia-

Millions of women travel to this place but it is an unsafe country for them as numerous cases including morality police checking women’s clothing usually happen here in this country.