Lions Attack Buffalo In Safari Tour

It’s the circle of life: Lions attack Buffalo in safari tour

It's the circle of life Lions attack Buffalo in safari tour

This is the really a breathtaking moment of pride when you watch lions savaged a buffalo by bringing it down just some meters away from your cars with full of enthusiastic tourists somewhere in Africa , with their guide continuously assuring that nothing would happen serious fine as long as no one moves much.

The overall attack , which was recorded by the field guide named Marten Lange , experienced a couple of buffalo was running away from a lion across the high road near Kruger National Park before they pulled on the floor.

For some moment the situation seems like the roles were reversed as the smaller and slower, of the buffaloes turned into the opposite direction and somehow faced the predator somehow in direct confrontation. But That did not last long for the buffalo. The lions are prompt enough to counter attack the animal. As three of their group first trying to pull the killed lure amongst them, then the largest lion lions who joined them very last. All in all, Four lions of giant size, enjoying their food in unison while the bait was screaming in pain.After the violent attack , among the lions, the largest among those predators leave the group and let others in the group to finish rest of the meal as it turned back and walked slowly towards the travelers and takes a deep nap just beside their tourist vehicle.

Marten , who took that highly avid group of travelers to the jungle area , after watching the giant lion was resting just nearby advised his ecstatic team to remain static as long as the Royal King of Jungle was coming closer . Describing the entire breathtaking scenario , the guide explained that he had seen many kills earlier also but nothing has given him a goosebumps like that. It was a really once-in-a-lifetime experience that the tourists will ever have.He also added the drama to be an incredible sighting to see and to catch it on camera.


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