Koala is kicked out of his tree Watch what happens


Koala is kicked out of his tree Watch what happens

You’re a Koala, in your favorite tree, hoping to catch some hot rays in the baking Australian sun. It’s been a rough night; clinging onto a rock hard branch isn’t easy, and your head is pounding from one too many gum leaf shots that you indulged in the night before. Oh, the bitter-sweet regret.There’s just a few more chores to take care of, you know, tree-keeping things; but that’s okay. It’s no big deal, you picture yourself sunbathing and listening to over-played summer music in a just a few hours time. Awesome.Plans never work out the way you want, do they? Your phone rings, the dreadful ring of responsibility and adulthood. It’s your boss. ‘You need to come into work today and there’s no other way around it’. You’re a Koala so you decide to hang up. There’s nothing he can do, you think to yourself at once. This is going to be your day. You can feel it.

After making a quick trip to the store and making some other phone calls to your Koala buddies to discuss last night’s events at the controversial Koalarama club, you arrive home. Home sweet tree, that’s what grandma always used to say.You climb up the branch, begin to ascend, one branch at a time. That’s strange, you think, one of the branches is off the latch.There’s someone in the house.It’s very, very bad news. Your boss has arrived and he’s more angry than you’ve ever seen him. He’s coming towards you.”Ah” you squeak as he pushes you down. The struggle is intense and you barely manage to cling on. His hand is on your shoulder now, the weight of a million responsibilities is literally pounding your abdomen.

Boom. You’re on the floor. He’s kicked you out of your OWN tree. You’re feeling ridiculously sorry for yourself. You look around, the shock is too much. Why should I have to go to work today? What right does he have to kick me out of my own tree? THAT’S MY TREE, you think, angrily. Not knowing what to do, you look around.There’s people everywhere, walking on the streets, and, Oh, s—, The tears are coming. It’s too late to stop yourself. The floodgates are open and you can’t stop crying. The whole situation was a disaster right from the start, you know for sure you’re going to lose your job.Someone is walking up to you, they seem to be pointing some sort of machine at you and saying ‘aw’. You try to stop crying due to the strangeness of the situation at hand but you can’t.

‘There’s plenty of other trees’ the woman, innocently proclaims, over echoes of your sobs. This sudden profound statement provokes a feeling of indifference in you. I’m not crying anymore, you think. Who is this lovely lady? ‘Poor little thing’ she calls you, your hearting warming with every word that leaves her mouth. She looks scornfully up to your boss and states ‘You’re mean’That’s it. She inspired you. You’re going back to kick your bosses’ ass.

You know you’ve always been stronger than him anyway. You throw the first punc-S—. On the floor again.These two Koala’s sum up the difficult and demanding world of work, unknowingly, in this adorably cute video. Look at there little FACES I just want to SQUEEZE them.Enjoy folks, and remember, make sure to move trees before skipping work.


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