King Croc Dubai Mall Aquarium Steps Up Tourist Attraction

Dubai mall aquarium steps up tourist attraction with giant male crocodile- the King Croc!!

King Croc Dubai Mall Aquarium Steps Up Tourist Attraction

Dubai has taken big steps in the past two decades to emerge as a leading tourist destination, and guess who just arrived? THE KING CROC!! The 750kg heavy reptile, stretching for over five meters, is now resident at the Dubai mall. The big reptile is so big he had to get a home specially built for him; an aquarium three time as big as what the global regulator of zoos would require for other crocodiles.

And what’s more, King Croc is said to have the potential to grow even further as the years go by- what a giant!

It is not unusual to see animals once you walk into a Dubai Mall, but the Dubai male crocodile- The KING CROC- is in a class of his own. He was not born in royalty, but signs of his greatness were seen early enough, when locals called for him to be moved to a protected environment at just two years of age.

King Croc came to Dubai from literally a world away, being moved over a whopping 10950 kilometers from Queensland, Australia, where he had resided for over 20 years at the Koorana Crocodile farm.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo head curator Paul Hamilton says the idea of bringing King Croc to Dubai came to him while he was working on moving a large crocodile through Australia for special display. “Having known of the presence of the crocodile, I decided to approach Heaner (General Manager at Dubai Aquarium) and present to them how the project was actually feasible,” Says Hamilton.

The management was pleased with the prospect, and sent Hamilton to make arrangements to bring in probably the biggest caged reptile along with his partner, the Queen Croc.

Dubai mall aquarium steps up tourist attraction with giant male crocodile- the King Croc

Hamilton however says it was a challenge even with the project already approved by Heaner and the top management. The special aquarium, which needed to complete in time for the King’s arrival, needed a lot of expert work to complete and tailor in a manner similar to the crocodile’s natural habitat. For this to happen, construction works had to go on round the clock. And since the aquarium could not remain closed, quiet works were carried out through the day while the main works got done in the night, says Heaner.

Then there was the issue of convincing the Australian government, who wanted proper assurance about the safety and quality care the king would be accorded. And even with that out of the way, there was the task of capturing the giant, who would definitely get cross once it dawned on him that someone was out to capture him. It took a great sweat from the team of experts to get the task done, Hamilton recalls.

There was also the issue of getting king croc a mode of transport, as his size makes it impossible for him to travel on a conventional cargo plane. Like the king he is, he had to make the trip on a special plane.

All said and done, King Croc is now in Dubai, available to greet visitors of all nationalities who are visiting the beautiful city. Hamilton assures visitors that the aquarium is safe for both the giant and those who come to see him.

All hail the king croc!! [mashvideo]

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