iphone vs android, which one is better

iphone vs android, which one is better

iphone vs android

If you are confused between Android and iPhone, this guide will surely help you understand the difference between both so you can choose the right one for you. It is witnessed that people from all over the globe show interest in the release of Apple’s new iPhone. But this kind of excitement is never experienced on the release of a new android phone. The basic need of a mobile buyer is the device that works well. If people fall in love with a phone, they will always try to stick with that device that lets them do whatever they want, flawlessly. People always choose the phones that are easy to use, high-performing, powerful and engaging. So keeping these needs in mind, we are providing you a complete analysis of Android phones as well as Apple’s I Phones to understand the difference.


If you are crazy about the latest technical updates, then the Apple store is the only place where you can find it. Some Android phones do not match the configuration of top selling iPhone. So, if you want a phone with advanced technology of Apple along with more features, then you should choose the iPhone.


The apple’s software is considered as the safest in the market. The company encrypts its hardware and software. So, all the information on Apple devices remains highly protected and confidential. On the other hand, the Android phones run on open source platform. Android has more chances to be hacked. If you are concerned about privacy and security, then Apple should be your first choice in place of Android.


If you wish to have a phone with large display, then you should go with the android phones. A larger display gives amazing video and gaming experience. With the large screen, it becomes easy for the user to enjoy the content. Android offers phones with big screens. For example, more than 5.5 inches that is not available with Apple’s iPhone.


People, who want a complete customization of their phones, should move on to the androids. However, sometimes the android customization requires some complex technical skills; most of the people rarely have such skills. While comparing the android and iPhone, you will find that the android phones are ahead in some areas. The real experiences are driven on the facts that how the device works and how you feel working with it.


The iPhone lacks connectivity options. It uses a particular connector called “lightening” instead of standard micro USB. In the android phones, you get the freedom of using micro USB. Users can also use these USB’s to charge their phones. You cannot get this feature in an iPhone.


If you choose the android phones, you get the set of application icons with five to seven home screens. With the help of a desktop, you can fill this space with interesting widgets sections such as weather updates, social media updates and many more. So if you wish to enjoy interactive widgets, then i Phones will not help you enjoy the same.


If you are concerned about the reliability of your phone, here it is hard to rate. But according to the overall performance, Apple’s iPhone wins here.

Brand Loyalty:

If you are concerned about brand loyalty, Apple’s iPhone again wins the race here. It is recorded that the apple commands all the updates in the terms of brand loyalty. Apple has a lock on its own operating systems; this factor dominates among several brands.


People using Apple’s iPhone cannot upgrade its storage or replace the battery easily. People will need skilled repairperson to do this. While on the other hand, Android offers open user optimization service. It means that users can replace the battery and can easily upgrade the storage capacity of their phone.


If you are concerned about the price, iPhone’s price range may spoil your mood if you’re on a tight budget. If you are looking for a phone with lots of features in low budget, you should go for the Android phone.

These are the important points and the difference between Android and iPhone depending upon various parameters of quality, technology and performance. You may choose any of them, but it is always better to collect information before making any purchase. To know more about technology, new gadgets visit Media24by7, the utmost online source of all the information you need.

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