How Many of You Have Tried These Dance Forms?

How Many of You Have Tried These Dance Forms?

Dance is a unique and entertaining activity performed by the people all over the globe in order to enjoy the fun moments and stay away from the stress. You may not believe but it is proved that dancing connects us to the musical rhythms of life.For all the people who are excited to know about different dance forms and their true historical significance. We are presenting some cool updates about the most popular dance styles. Dance is considered as a great form of exercise in order to keep your mind relax, free and to keep your body fit. You would be amazed to know that dancing also helps you in reducing mental stress. So it is advisable because a regular habit of dance is helpful in order to gain a full sense of well-being.


Ballet & Zumba:

This field will offer you with large numbers of classes, styles, communities and various renowned dancing groups, and even amateur performing troupes to join. Today the gyms have also started offering sessions on leading dance forms such as Ballet and Zumba in order to help the people stay fit, fine and perfectly shaped.


These days it is being observed that the people are showing interest in performing Nia dance form. Do you know about it? Let us explain. Actually, Nia is a dance form which includes yoga, martial arts and dance in the same activity. So this combination would surly help you stay fit, flexible and strong.


Have you ever heard about the Tap dance? This style is performed by tapping sound that is created from metal plates. These metal plates are attached to both the ball and heel of the performers’ shoe. Classic and highly unique shoes are made for dancing the tap.


Hip-hop is a kind of “Street Dance” styles. Such dance forms are considered to be the tradition over the abroad states and are primarily performed to hip-hop music. This dance style is evolved as part of hip-hop culture. Hip hop includes varying dance styles such as locking, popping and breaking.  Hip hop was initially created in the 1970s; the style was further made popular by the leading dance crews in the United States. Music that evolved from the hip hop culture. Hip hop dance consist the moves executed close to the ground.


The Yangko dance is a Do you know about the traditional folk dance of the Han Chinese? It is known as Yangko dance that is originated from China and is believed to be a popular part of Chinese culture. You would be amazed to know that Yangko involves swaying of the body to certain awesomely melodious rhythms. The hip and waist of the performer are used to drive feet in order to sync with the music. The Yangko dance has a thousand years old history; it is usually performed in the Lantern Festival.

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