High-Speed Video Captures The Craziest Stunts Performed By US Air Force F-16’s In A War Game

High-Speed Video Captures The Craziest Stunts Performed By US Air Force F-16’s In A War Game

 US Air Force F-16's In A War Game

US Air Force F-16’s In A War Game

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is one of the most iconic military planes in the world. Its origins date back to the Vietnam war, during which the United States Air Force (USAF) needed fighter planes that could achieve air superiority and were better in air-to-air combat than their predecessors.

So, the project of introducing a new fighter jet began, together with NATO member states Belgium, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands which resulted in the birth of a superb airplane.

The first flight of the F-16 was performed on 20 January 1974 and it was introduced to the United States Air Force (USAF) on 20 January 1974.

Ever since then, the F-16 remained in service and has grown to be one of the most widely used fighter planes in the world – by 2010, 4500 planes have been delivered throughout the world to countries like Chile, Greece, Romania, South-Korea, and much more.

Because of the great versatility and possible upgrades, it is estimated that the USAF will continue the usage of this fighter plane for about 20 years and other countries for up to 40 years. Now that’s the real proof of how reliable this machine is !!

This jet fighter that saw much combat throughout its history, for example in Serbia, Afghanistan, and the Gulf-War, has another feature that makes it very popular for pilots. The F-16B is a version which features two seats and is used as a training plane.

Because of this, many pilots learn how to fly with these fighter planes and get used to them the most. When versatility, excellent maneuvering abilities, and experience meet at military drills, the results are breathtaking too.

This high-speed video captured the crazy stunts that were performed with these fighter planes during a war game.

You will not be disappointed, that’s guaranteed!

The F-16 stunt flight features many amazing formations – all of which are done at a speed of 450-500 mph. The most common formation they use is the Diamond, from which they break into performing solo actions. 


These include fast passes, fast turns, and very tight turns and to make it even more amazing, these solo actions are performed at 700+ mph, which is near the speed of sound! Some of the stunts are performed in pairs – for example, the famous mirror formation, in which two jets fly belly-to-belly or back-to-back at very close proximity.

The group can also perform many more stunts which appear crazy to the viewers but in fact, all of them are carried out with extreme caution, professionalism, and experience, which shows the great skills of the pilots.

During the Arrowhead formation, the planes fly as close as 18 inches to each other and perform loops, rolls, and transitions to other formations, like the Delta, Stinger, Trail, etc.

Of course, one can not just jump into an F-16 and perform these stunts. For the most of us, it already makes our palms sweat if we sit back and watch them. Remember: do not try this at home !!

Source: ArmedForcesUpdate

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