Amazing Beaches: Watch wild landing at Maho Beach

Amazing Beaches : Plane landing and take-off at Maho Beach, St Martin

A beach is a fantastic place to chill, enjoy water sports, or just lie lazily on the shack. However, the Caribbean island of St Martin has a beach that will astound you.

maho beach

Maho beach is located adjacent to Princess Juliana International Airport of St Martin Island. You can enjoy Maho beach plane landing and take-offs just by standing at the end of the airport runway.

The planes fly over the beach at an altitude of 100 feet that brings great excitement to the tourists on the beach. With such low flying airliners over the beach, chances are that people on the beach can be blown away into the water because of the jet blast.

Princess Juliana International Airport has a short runway, as it is located near the beach. In order to land or fly smoothly, aircraft get as close as possible to the end of the runway by flying directly over the head of the people on the Maho beach.

The local government regularly warns tourists to stay at a safe distance from the runway to avoid any injuries or accidental deaths. The authorities have also built an additional fence near the runway for safety reasons.

Saint Martin Island is a great tourist destination because of this unique Maho beach plane landing and take-off activity. The island drives so many travelers every year just to observe this unique and wild activity. The Saint Martin Maho beach is so famous among plane spotters, that most of the bars and restaurants of the beach display daily airline arrivals and departures timetable. Some of the bars go a step ahead by announcing the radio communications made between airport control tower and pilot during take-offs or landings.

maho beach

A Huge crowd gathers to enjoy spectacular Maho beach plane landing and take-off activity according to the schedule. Tourist keeps their shooting devices on to capture the amazing clear view of the plane that is either landing or taking off from the airport.

The distance between the beach and the runway is so less that visitors can see pilots in their cockpit and wave at them. Tourists go crazy when some of the pilots wave back while on their way to take off. YouTube  and other Internet sites have many videos of Maho beach that show the uniqueness of this popular tourist place.

St Martin’s International Airport is a busy airport that is open 24 hours. The airport observes high aircraft traffic, which in turn benefits the local tourism industry of the Caribbean Island. People from around the world fly to this island just to observe the unique plane landing at Maho beach.

The Island has so many hotels, restaurants, bars and commercial places for the tourists. Most of the time is spend on the beach by the travelers to rejoice wild landings and takeoffs of planes over their head. Being a busy airport, Maho beach observes tourists from early morning until late night.

The local residents of the island have built their infrastructure near the beach to serve the tourist in some or other way and benefit from it. The experience is worth to visit Maho beach, St Martin.[mashvideo]

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