Google launches Gboard, New Fun In Texting

Google, has done it again by launching Gboard the NEW FUN In Typing, With Search, GIFs, Emojis & more while you Text

Google launches Gboard, New Fun In Texting

Gboard is an app which makes browsing with the iPhone much easier than before. Gboard is actually an application which is now launched for IOS users, it enables one to perform google search directly from keyboard of a mobile device. This application has already launched in the US and new launch is set for Australia this time round.

The Gboard app comes with many advantages where it offers emojis which is based on your typing, and also make Google searches much simpler. With this Gboard app, you have access to the mobile GIFs and also various keyboard functions like the word prediction. These keyboard normally interact directly with all Google services, meaning by only tapping one of the G-shaped icons, it instantly enables you to search google even if you have not launched a browser or exited the keyboard.

Gboard the NEW FUN In Typing, With Search, GIFs, Emojis & more while you Texts

When you tap on G-icon you are able to search for several things like business and restaurant listing, flight times and also the weather right from your iPhone keyboard and you can easily tap to post all that information on to your chat. All of this information is easily visible at the bottom of your mobile screen as a card layout where every listing comes with its own card. By tapping any of the cards, the information on it will immediately appear in your email, conversation and anything else that might be on your iPhone at that time.

For those who are in the US, they have actually enjoyed this Gbaord USA version on their iPhone and there have been quite a positive response. The G-shaped icon, which is at the center of every search and interaction in this app, is very helpful and catchy in respect of UX design, which is always a plus point at Google, they bring new new innovation in respect of user experience every time. Gboard reviews are evident where many have expresses how they are satisfied by this new application.

If you are in Australia and you really want to experience all the new features which come with gboard for IOS, then be on the look out because the new launch is destined there. This app which will recolonize the way you use your iPhone keyboard in a far much easier manner. [mashvideo]

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