Goodby, optical drive, rest in peace!

Use an optical drive with the sole purpose of reinstalling the OS

Interestingly, someone else noticed behind himself that recently he uses the optical drive less and less? I have a feeling that many users of the broadband Internet, use an optical drive with the sole purpose of reinstalling the OS, all other tasks are easily solved without it.


A friend is going on vacation, bought a netbook. Says, now he needs to buy an external optical drive for it. And why, I ask. “Well, how – to rearrange the operating system … uh … what else is there … ah, yes! I have all the music on the discs, I need to rip out to the road of this! “It’s not necessary, I say. It’s long and troublesome. It’s easier and faster to download [UPD: for the most meticulous ones – no, in this case” download “≠” steal ” “Why? Try to guess yourself.] After thinking, he agreed with me.

Next, judge for yourself. Boxed versions of software are almost not done. Unless there are games, special extended versions for fans – because ordinary ones have long been purchased through Steam. Movies on DVD? Perhaps, but on a computer with broadband access to the Web is already a rarity. And I do not know anyone who, in the era of cheap terabyte HDDs, would have kept his film library on discs.

So maybe leave the optics for backup? Oh, do not laugh. Drives for $ 25 complete with cheap “dummies” are usually completely unable to ensure the safety of the information recorded on them for more than a year or two, it’s a long time no secret. By the way, did you even check how your home photo archive, stored on DVD +/- R, feels? I recommend to duplicate it on an external HDD so that later it would not be painful. Better yet, and somewhere on the “cloud” store on the Internet.

In general, (as it was several years earlier and with a 3.5-inch floppy), I personally do not see the need to keep this obsolete drive in the desktop PC, and in my netbook, it’s not there. And although I’m slightly stressed by the need to purchase an external device to solve fairly complex tasks of reinstalling the OS, it seems that this is the only reason to use it. And even that is not obligatory. By the way, the developers of operating systems should have already come up with something as simple and trouble-free in operation as a bootable installation disk with the OS. Only without the drive itself.

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