This Funny Video Of OMG Cat, Will Light Up Your Day

This Funny Video Of OMG Cat, Will Light Up Your Day

Cats are some of the most interesting creatures around. They are a law unto themselves and generally come and go from their homes as and when they please.

Research has indicated that cats are one of the most intelligent carnivorous mammals around and have the innate ability to easily adapt to their environments.

Watching a cat swinging from one shutter to the next, to navigate itself toward an open window shows just how much a cat can absorb and discern in its personal place of safety.

The saying “curiosity killed the cat” is directly related to the inquisitive nature of cats trying to make sense out of foreign objects or surroundings.

If you have ever owned cats, you will have noticed how different in nature they all are and how each cat has its own nature and behavioral anomalies.

Looking at various cat videos that are posted on a daily basis on YouTube, gives you an inside look into the minds of these animals and how easily they are able to organize and manipulate information to be able to perform extraordinary human-like tasks.


When looking at the videos of cats walking on their hind legs like humans do, or rubbing up and hugging a dog or holding out a paw to shake a human’s hand – it is evident how much of our behavior they are mimicking.

One of the latest crazes with cats is the cucumber experiment. It seems that cats have a natural aversion to a cucumber lying on the floor.

According to researchers, it is not so much the actual cucumber but rather the fact that it could look like a snake at first glance and that cats, technically are afraid of anything that is able to sneak up on them.

Animal behaviorists have since, cautioned cat owners of this prank, as it causes a fight or flight response in a cat, which cannot be a pleasant experience.

A recent study conducted on the different influences that human counterparts have on their cats seems to indicate that cats that live in closer proximity to their humans and spent more time with them, developed daily habits of eating and sleeping according to their owners.

Cats that lived in bigger households, with owners coming and going fairly often, seemed to adapt the feral lifestyle. The more time an owner spends with their cat, the more they are able to mimic their behavior.

Source: Davincipop

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