Funny Moments of Arab and Pakistani people


Funny Moments of Arab and Pakistani people

There is a new funny video of Arab and Pakistani people doing funny and entertaining things. What do you think, is it funny to look at crazy Arab guy running on a treadmill in the gym wearing his traditional suit, while his friend is increasing the speed? It is hilarious, and you can see that this guy is enjoying his time on treadmill. The other two crazy Pakistani people are riding their roller skates by holding to the car which is driving.

How crazy is that? You can also se them doing the belly dance and laugh as hard as you want. Also, you can see them praying in church, and one of them who thinks that is very smart smacking the ass of a person praying in front of him, and getting kicked for it. You think that getting on a back of a horse cannot be funny? After watching this video you will see that it can. Watch crazy Arab and Pakistani people, they are amazing and will make you laugh.


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