Fritz Can’t Catch

Fritz Can’t Catch

In this hilarious clip, Fritz the dog tries (and fails) to catch a variety of foods flying in all directions. Watch him battle to come to grips with a delicious steak, a hot dog and more!

Poor Fritz, his motor skills leave a lot to be desired! The food fly’s while his mouth waters, but hungry Fritz can’t seem to catch his prey! Does he give up? No, not old Fritz! Watch this determined pooch try, try, and try again. Dog fails galore as he jumps to catch, only to be too slow to grasp the food flailing all around him.

He doesn’t give up though! No, he jumps to the left – lunges to the right, but time and time again Fritz misses his mark! Will Fritz ever eat again? Will those delicious morsels flying left right & center ever meet there mark? Let’s watch to the end to find out if this adorable Labrador finally gets to catch his supper!


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