Some fantastic fitness goals by Malaika Arora Khan

Some fantastic fitness goals by Malaika Arora Khan

Women are often concerned with their fitness goals, and they put their all possible efforts to maintain their body structure. But it is not just a cup of tea for all as everyone has the busiest and most hectic schedule due to which numerous women can’t get enough time to focus on maintaining their body into a perfect shape. They start taking stress or may also undergo depression while some women are concerned enough that they strictly follow the diet and exercising schedule to maintain their overall body.

Some fantastic fitness goals by Malaika Arora Khan

Obviously, you may like or copy some of your favourite Bollywood Celebrities, right? Which is your favourite one? Different people may have different favourite celebs, and they may follow their fitness goals. You may surely have heard about the most famous Malaika Arora Khan, right? You may be habitual to have chocolates in your refrigerator which may be responsible for your body to gain extra fats. No worries! You can now just follow the fitness goals being adopted by the top celebrity, Malaika Arora Khan.

Malaika Arora Khan is one of the top most Bollywood celebrities who was born on October 23, 1973, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is also known for her cameo roles. Now she is married and has a child as well, but still, she is fit and healthy, how? She has already appeared in numerous movies on the Television as she is known for her bold looks having well toned sexy and curvaceous body. She still sounds like a 20-years old actress, how? It becomes very much important and crucial to maintaining the body for the top most celebrities, and they always inspire their fans to retain their body just like them by following their fitness goals. Malaika Arora Khan is 43 years old and one of the celebrities of the b-town. Having an age of above 40 may lead a woman to give up her fitness goals, but Malika Arora Khan is a hot lady having a healthy mind and body too.

Some fantastic fitness goals by Malaika Arora Khan

She was a model earlier, but now she has turned into an actress having a body to die for. Yes, she is a well known Bollywood Actress who is known for her bold look avatars having a gorgeous skin. Obviously, if you are a big fan of her then you may also have a wish to have a body just like her, right? Do you want to know about her fitness goals and secrets about the same? Yes? Don’t worry; she usually follows the fitness tips under the guidance of Namrata Purohit (a certified Stott Pilates Instructor).

Some fantastic fitness goals by Malaika Arora Khan

No worries are there as if you have a favourite Bollywood Diva then you can surely follow her fitness goals by making them your own.

Let’s discuss her diet plan and workout routine

Her day starts with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey to flush down all the impurities. She takes a breakfast having the fresh fruits with idli and porridge or the multigrain toast with eggs. Fresh vegetable juice is her intake as mid day snack with some amla juice as well. She takes about two chapattis with rice and chicken and salad. She consumes the peanut butter as her evening snack with sandwich or idli. She usually prefers a bowl of soup with steamed veggies & salad in her dinner meal. Also, she takes the protein shake with banana. She prefers eating the oranges or other fruits while feeling hungry at night.

Malaika Arora Workout Routine

She usually prefers having the 20 minutes of cardio exercises. She practices the kick boxing as well. She also tries the aerobics and hip-hop to exercise every part of her body. She also prefers swimming. She usually dances to stay fit and active throughout the day

Malaika Arora Khan Workout Tips

She is a lady who avoids the fried and oily kind of food

She consumes everything in moderation

She avoids the carbs at night

She never tries starving herself

She takes the heaviest breakfast and the lightest dinner

She prefers taking a proper rest and exercises daily

More about Malaika Arora Khan, what is she now due to her incredible fitness goals? Let’s discuss

She is a lady having an amazing style, and thus we can call her a woman with style, right? She knows very well, how to carry her form and how to change herself with the changing fashion trends.

She is now a 43-year old mom, but still, we have no words for her as she still looks just perfect, just like a 20-years old actress.

Her hotness is always at the highest peaks. She is a well-known celebrity who is highly known for her bold avatars and hotness.

She is one of the sexiest moms in the entire Bollywood who is also known as an Indian Actress, Dancer, Model, VJ, and a Television representer. She has a flexible body having a curvy figure as she has already shown her stunning and hot body in the song Chhaiyya Chhaiyya.

She is just flawless as she takes the moderate diets and she just loves the biryani for which she never diets at all.

She always tries to keep her diet to b minimal with a lot of strictness. She prefers eating lots of fruits and healthy veggies in her diet to maintain a flawless skin and have the killer looks

Her beauty is just redefined. She is a well-known fashionista who has a ravishing style

She is now away from the film industry, but still, she always managed herself to keep the limelight on her

The major secret behind her fitness is the Pilates as she follows the best Pilates instructor to stay fit

She just loves yoga as she practices it daily to have a flexible body and to stay calm and relax

Now, what do you think about her fitness goals? She is a Bollywood celebrity who has to work very hard to get an inevitable body and here is all about her fitness goals. Do you want a body like Malaika Arora Khan? Yes? Just overview her fitness goals mentioned-above.

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