Facebook is ready to sell you!

Facebook is ready to sell you!

When you sign up for a social networking site, not everyone really goes through the terms and conditions? Like most of the people, you may have ignored the privacy policy of Facebook that is one of the hottest topics in the market. Recently, Facebook has planned to make some changes to its terms and conditions, data and cookie policy. For the first time, the company is accepting public opinion on the same. Facebook is expecting questions and suggestions form users until November 20th, before the company issues the final draft. With Media24by7, take a quick look at what are the changes and how they can affect your social life.

To begin with, Facebook is making the terms and conditions page simpler and the users don’t have to go through the tiring 9,000 plus words. The company is in mood to make the page more user-friendly and will also use animations. Facebook has packed all these in just 2700 words. It means the site will be free from excessive amount of legal jargons.

The Basics page says that you are in charge and separates the page into three categories.

  1. What others see about you.
  2. How others interact with you.
  3. What you see.

Simplifying the things does not mean your data is any safer. You should learn the tweaks which you can see on the website anywhere. By seeing simplified things don’t think that the data policy is fixed completely. If you check the data policy, it does give you the option to choose share or not to share information with third-party applications, but you still cannot select the type of information that can be shared. The new data policy clearly states that the company has the right to use information you share to target ads on and off Facebook. Facebook has made it clear that it will be using your data and location also to make cash through ads.


Facebook clearly states that the company will collect the information about making any purchases or any financial transactions. This includes the information such as your credit or debit card details and other information related to authentication and accounts, as well as shipping address, billing and contact details.

Such actions are a clear indication for Facebook users that the company is simply trying to hide the fact that the users will be sold to advertisers.  Overall Facebook has made it easier for every user to understand the data policy. Users can add their preferences on ads, but they cannot stay away from the ads and cannot have control on the data. The reason is simple, if you gain the control, Facebooks business model will shatter.

One side of this decision shows Facebook’s intention of maintaining transparency in business. On the other side, a lot of people wouldn’t even bother to read these changes. The truth is many people will leave Facebook and many people will continue to use. Even if their data is utilized to target ads.

Last year, Facebook slapped with a civil lawsuit after changing the Tesms of Services and Privacy Policy of Instagram. Nobody knows how serious the company is about user’s opinion.

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