Conflict between America and North Korea

Conflict between America and North Korea

The Beginning of the Conflict

The antagonism pertaining diplomatic relation between North Korea and the United States kicked off initially during the Korean War. In the recent years, the relation between the two countries have grown more hostile due the nuclear weapon tests by North Korea, its enhancement in long-range missiles and the constant verbal threats to overturn South Korea and America. The major issue lies in the fact that, today in this cold war politics era the world is divided into two groups, one conducted by the Democratic USA and others the Communist Soviet union. Both the parties wanted Korean government to run on their principal which eventually started a civil war and split Korea into two nations i.e. South Korea and North Korea. These two nations soon became prime enemies trying to overpower each other.

Post-Korean War:

The division of Korea post-WWII gave a significant benefits to South Korea, being the coastal land. But now since the trade situations are changing, the land trade routes seems more beneficial. At this juncture, South Korea is deprived and is into total isolation due to its geographical position. On the other hand, North Korea has come a long way and has been developing is Nuclear power for quite some time now. It has gained momentum in accumulating nuclear weapons in the recent years. Moreover, there are no restrictions on North Korea to put a halt to its nuclear weapon program. Owing to its capability of nuclear attacks and considering it as a threat to its security, the USA government have deployed its army in and around South Korea to keep a close look at the North.

The factors that triggered North Korea:

The United States and other major powerful nations of the world have been trying to persuade North Korea to restrain developing nuclear weapons any further. In order to limit that, North Korea has been cut off and set aloof from the global common by putting strict commercial and financial penalties on the country. The rapid speed of the North Korea’s nuclear program is deemed as a threat to its security by US government. The fear is obvious, given that the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un time and again threatens to strike down the USA. However, till now these have mostly been a downright hogwash. The main reason behind this is that the USA government has been providing its support to South Korea whom North Korea considers as their prime enemy.

Security measures and allies formation:

It is true that the countries expect the USA administration to help them in managing and maintaining their security strong, when they become an ally. South Korea is one of the closest allies of the USA. Ever since the partition, it has seen the tension simmering between the two nations closely. This has deduced in the US and South Korea collaborating in installing the THAAD, a security system for helping South Korea maintain its security strong. Recently, the Donald Trump’s administration has also deployed military ships to vigil the Korean Peninsula. USA looks on South Korea as an ally from where they can operate against the rising mutual enemy.

Reasons behind the recent threatens:

North Korea lies between South Korea and China. It’s maritime neighbor to the east is Japan. Always on the Verge of facing inner instability and vulnerability to foreign attacks, the North Korean government has formed a gimmick that is completely based on provoking and trying to infuriate the South Korea and the United States, by its audacious behaviour, Verbal threats, testing long range anti-ballistic missiles or bombing South Korean military base. The nature adopted of North Korea’s current government is volatile against any actions from South Korea and USA, preventing them from even making the trivial move to overpower Kim Jong’s regime. It also reminds the people of North Korea that they are under a constant threat of foreign invasion and the people must support them and stand united to survive. This could be due to the fact the Trump’s administration is very belligerent and responsive to provocation. North Korea believes it is on the verge being trespassed or invaded and overturned by USA.

The reasons alluding the tension could also be possible because the South Korea might have failed to read the true intentions of Kim’s government and have construed that it is about to launch a nuclear war. Middle bury Institute of International Studies and a few experts from North Korea reckon that, South Korea would be keen on assassinating Kim, if it thinks war is likely to happen. Such an idea could mainly come while trying evade a nuclear war before it starts.

What could be the impact of a war?

There is no denying the fact that North Korea holds a place on the weaker side while the South Korea and the US together would almost certainly defeat the North Korean army. But whatever the consequences of this conflict, the cost of this war would be incredibly high. North Korea is aware of its military’s strength and so their strategy would be to affect the enemies as quickly as possible by bombarding South Korean, Japanese and American armies by the long-range missiles to shatter their confidence. Its not clear how many active nuclear weapons the North Korea possess, though it is estimated to be around 10 to 16, multitudes of casualties are bound to occur, if North Korea uses any of its nuclear weapons. This could destroy all the major cities like Tokyo, Seoul and many others around it and can kill plethora of peoples. The North Korean missiles do have a longer range to reach Tokyo and other big cities.

What can be done?

The growing animosity between the two nation has turned the entire world’s attention towards it. The whole region is under a threat of nuclear destruction. With the globalization and cross border allies formation, other countries will soon jump into the war as soon as it kicks off, to prove their allegiance. This will surely result in a World war3. At this point, both the countries must devise and practice prudent command and deduce to a common consequential agreement, otherwise any dispute may initiate a nuclear war and the result would be tyrannical, not just for the two but for the whole world.

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